Your Key to Success

It all started with lechon manok (roasted chicken). Then, it was followed by shawarma, milk tea, donuts, cupcakes then frozen yogurts. These are just some of the food crazes that hit Manila by storm. A handful of people who invested in such crazes definitely cashed in some profits. Unfortunately, although there were a few gainers, there were more losers. Take shawarma for example, out of all those stores that proliferated in the country in the 80s, almost all already closed their businesses a long time ago.

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Why You Should Invest in the Stock Market

Putting your money on a low interest savings account is not such a good idea especially if you have big financial goals such as buying a house, sending your kids to college or saving for retirement.  The only way to get more money is to make your money work for you by investing it.  Investments will generate more money for you in the future through interests and price appreciation.  In other words, you invest to create wealth. Continue reading Why You Should Invest in the Stock Market

Common Sense Financial Advice That People Don’t Follow

Money has always been a top source of stress for most people.  If not addressed, debt and worrying about money can lead to serious physical, emotional and even relationship problems.

How to solve money problems then?  There are tons of financial advice that people probably already heard or read about.  In fact, most of these advices are simply common sense yet one the greatest mysteries about life is that no one really follows them.  It looks so easy to do but for most people, it is very difficult to follow. Continue reading Common Sense Financial Advice That People Don’t Follow

Do you Consider Yourself Successful?

Society has defined success as the attainment of wealth, status and fame. Do you agree with this definition? Using this definition, persons like a CEO of a company, a multi-millionaire, a head of state and a popular actor are all considered successful. But how about a housewife? A skilled carpenter? A public school teacher? Do you still consider these people successful? How about yourself? How do you see yourself? Do you qualify under society’s definition of a “successful” person?

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Signs that You are Ready to Invest

You are tired of working for money. You have finally decided to slowly build your wealth through passive income and let money work for you. The question now is are you ready to invest?

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Do You Work for Money or Do You Let Money Work for You?

An income is the money that you received from work or from your investments. Without income, you will not be able to pay for your living expenses.

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Is Credit Card Good or Bad?

Have you ever wondered whether having a credit card is good or bad for you? For most newbies in their first jobs, getting a credit card is a sign that they are finally independent! It is a cause for celebration and may cause many to eagerly take the irresponsible first swipe.

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Most Read Articles for 2018

The New Year is all about changes.  It is about taking baby steps that can lead to big improvements in your health, wealth and happiness.

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Do You Have What It Takes to be A Kpop Idol?

It all started as a niche genre until the Wonder Girls’ hit “Nobody” penetrated the Billboard 100 chart at least eight times in 2009. A few years later, “Gangnam Style”  reigned as the most watched video on Youtube with over 3 billion views for five consecutive years. Today, K-pop is a global phenomenon with a price tag of over 5 billion dollars.

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How Financial Literacy Can Change Your Life

Are you constantly worried about money?  Are you struggling to meet debt obligations?  Do you feel that your salary is not enough to cover your monthly expenses?  Are your financial worries so stressful that they are already gravely affecting all aspects of your life including your health and personal relationships?

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10 Ways in which Rich People Think Differently

How many athletes, movie stars, heirs and lottery winners do you know who have gone from filthy rich to flat broke? Although it is hard to create massive wealth, it is even harder to maintain wealth over a long period of time. Whether it is creating or maintaining wealth, the secret behind it is having the correct mentality. The truth is that rich people think differently than the average person. So, if you want to be wealthy, you got to have the correct mindset.

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