10 Tips to Create Your Own Style

We often look at glossy magazines and marvel at the fashionable clothes that models wear even if we can’t afford them. There are always cheaper options to find so we don’t really mind. We also know in our hearts that what we see on the runway isn’t necessarily our style. We admire them but they are not practical for our every day activities. So unless, we’re paid to wear them, we may never even dream of buying them. But we still look fondly at these magazine pictures and videos of models walking on the runway because we are not really confident enough to call ourselves stylish or fashionable.Read More »

Basic Fashion Items You Must Have in Your Closet

Do you know what you’re wearing tomorrow? Did you previously plan what you were wearing today? If you’re one of those who already has their whole week’s outfit planned out according to your schedule, then you are one of the lucky few and we envy you. You should start learning more about the psychology of dressing and how to dress for success.

What’s your wardrobe must-have?

However, most mortals wake up every morning not having a plan of what to wear and usually waste precious time rummaging through their closets and cabinets to put together an outfit for the day.

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