5 Things to Do for Physical Wellness

Maintaining your physical wellness is an important part of your overall well being. Feeling good in your body allows you to continue doing what you need and want to do in order to pursue your goals. A healthy body also allows you to enjoy your time with family and friends more, work more efficiently and be more productive in all areas of your life.

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Are You Physically Well?

Many of us often forget about physical health as we prioritise other tasks. Most of us don’t even remember to practice some form of self-love throughout the day or even during the weekends. Our physical health is an important factor in our overall wellness and we should always be taking care of bodies. Here are some things you need to ask yourself to see if you are physically well.

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5 Health Benefits of Grounding

If you are busy at work all day, you probably are not “grounded” and this can cause and contribute to the development of many health issues. To start benefiting from grounding, learn how to practice grounding or earthing and make it a daily part of your life.

As you continue to practice grounding, you will not only feel “centered” and have a more focused mind; you will also experience many healthy benefits including, but not limited, to these five.

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10 Tips to Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again when we are hunting for gifts and looking forward to receiving them as well as planning on what food treats to cook up for the Christmas eve dinner and for the New Year celebration. For most families, this is a time where they can indulge their cravings for their favorite food while bonding with their loved ones and close friends. Continue reading 10 Tips to Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

10 Ways on How to Slow Down the Aging Process

Everyday, all of us are ageing. It is a natural and inevitable process. No matter how hard we try, we cannot stop it. No amount of anti-aging treatments, specialized diets or exercise can stop or reverse the signs of ageing. It simply is impossible. We can, however, choose to age gracefully.

We may not be able to stop ageing but we can do something to slow it down.

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Jet Lag is Worse When You Travel East

Did you know that jet lag is worse if you travel from West to East?

Three American scientists, Jeffrey Hall, Micheal Rosbash and Micheal Young who all won the 2017 Noble Prize for Physiology or Medicine explained this phenomenon with “their discoveries of molecular mechanisms controlling the circadian rhythm.”

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10 Tips to a Good Night’s Sleep

Are you having trouble sleeping at night? You toss, turn and try different positions but still to no avail.  You even tried counting hundreds of sheep only to realise it is not effective at all.

Counting sheep is imagining white sheep jumping over a fence to put oneself to sleep.

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