Why you Need a Mentor

Life is exciting. We all want to create and accomplish something that we can call our own – something that we can be proud of. However, the reality is it is not always easy. Life is hard. There will be many obstacles along the way. True, we can just try to navigate it on our own and learn from the process. That is one way of doing it. But, what if there is a shortcut?

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Life Plan A and B: Did you Make the Right Choice?

During the long weekend, I was looking for something to watch on Netflix when I stumbled upon a title that piqued my interest. It was a Taiwanese drama entitled Life Plan A and B. It was only 6 episodes long so I gave it a try.

life plan a and b
Image Credit: whatsnewonnetflix

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A New Beginning

New Year is a time for a new beginning. It is a time to reflect on the previous year. Where have you been? Where are you in your life right now? Where do you want to go or what do you want to achieve in the future?

As you look back, ask yourself, is there anything that you want to change or improve in your life? New Year’s Resolutions are the perfect opportunity for you to have a fresh new start and to set goals in changing or improving certain aspects of your life for the coming year.

May all your dreams come true for 2019.




Angel Messages: Do you See Repeating Numbers?

Numbers are everywhere. You can see them in your cellphone, identification cards, money, plate numbers, reading materials, receipts and even in your clock. Numbers are part of our daily lives. However, have you noticed that there is a number sequence that you keep on seeing lately?

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Thank U, Next

Last November 5, 2018, Ariana Grande’s single, “Thank U, Next” broke Spotify’s Single Day Streaming record for a female artist after it earned 8.2 million streams that day. The next day, it broke its own record. The single has become the most streamed song for five consecutive days in a row with almost 50 million streams on the first week of its release. Currently, it holds the record of being the fastest song ever to surpass the 100 million streams in Spotify.

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How Financial Literacy Can Change Your Life

Are you constantly worried about money?  Are you struggling to meet debt obligations?  Do you feel that your salary is not enough to cover your monthly expenses?  Are your financial worries so stressful that they are already gravely affecting all aspects of your life including your health and personal relationships?

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Courage Counts the Most

As human beings, we are always in pursuit of something new. When we achieve a goal, we go on to the next goal. This way, success is not a final destination but a string of victories that we celebrate as some of the highest points in our lives.

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Keep Working On Your Dreams

Contrary to popular belief, success does not happen overnight. To achieve success, you must work for it every day, one step at a time. DON’T BE PASSIVE. Be pro-active in completing the small steps that will lead to your goal.

Show up to your work space every day; work hard and go the extra mile when you need to. Your hard work will get you where you want to be.