Sky Castle: Parental Achievement Goals to the Extremes

Parents feel proud and happy of their children’s achievements. Just take a look at your social media accounts, everyday you will see posts of proud parents about their children’s attainments.

It is only natural for parents to aspire for their children’s success. However, when taken to the extremes, it becomes destructive. Because of the parents’ desire, children are being pressured to excel from a very young age. This has become the biggest cause of stress among the youth today. Sky Castle, the highest rated cable drama on Korean broadcasting history, is one of the top Korean dramas with lessons in life. It dealt with this sensitive style of parenting.

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Top Korean Dramas with Life Lessons

The Korean drama fever has been taking more and more countries by storm. An example is the 2016 drama series, Descendants of the Sun, which was viewed by more than a billion times and still counting.  The drama was translated into 32 different languages. It has become so popular to the point that tourists had been flocking Zakinthos, one of the Ionian islands in Greece just to see the drama location site.

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