Travel to Expand Your World

Going on a journey is an educational experience. When you travel, you get to learn new things, appreciate new ways of thinking and you discover more about yourself as you discover what’s beyond your comfort zone.

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5 Tips to Stop Procrastinating

Many of us have had the experience of not being able to start on a task or project, or not wanting to. We find many excuses to delay doing what we need to do. Writers call this the “writer’s block”, others call this phase being “uninspired” or “unmotivated” and those who don’t understand may just attribute it to laziness.

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Most Read Articles for 2018

The New Year is all about changes.  It is about taking baby steps that can lead to big improvements in your health, wealth and happiness.

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Do You Have What It Takes to be A Kpop Idol?

It all started as a niche genre until the Wonder Girls’ hit “Nobody” penetrated the Billboard 100 chart at least eight times in 2009. A few years later, “Gangnam Style”  reigned as the most watched video on Youtube with over 3 billion views for five consecutive years. Today, K-pop is a global phenomenon with a price tag of over 5 billion dollars.

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Travel is a Matter of Courage

We all know that we need money to travel. Some of us choose not to travel in order not to incur travel expenses. Others set cheap travel plans, while others take their time and save up for their dream destinations.

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Gratitude in Tough Times: Bringing Light in the Dark

Darkness deserves gratitude. It is the alleluia point at which we learn to understand that all growth does not take place in the sunlight. – Joan Chittister

Pessimistic. Negative thinker. Sensitive. Prone to depression.

That’s who I was.

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Dress Different, Think Different

How we dress can affect our mood and our mood can also affect our thoughts. So if you want to feel and think positive, dress in your favorite clothes or the clothes that make you look and feel your best.

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Creative Date Ideas for Cheap or For Free!

Planning a date but don’t have the budget? No worries! You can always stay indoors and watch 50 First Dates (or some other movie you both like) with your date instead. You can spend each of your Php100 on some popcorn and drinks or on other snacks of your choice. One of you got cable? Then, like they say, just Netflix and chill. Continue reading Creative Date Ideas for Cheap or For Free!

10 Tips to Create Your Own Style

We often look at glossy magazines and marvel at the fashionable clothes that models wear even if we can’t afford them. There are always cheaper options to find so we don’t really mind. We also know in our hearts that what we see on the runway isn’t necessarily our style. We admire them but they are not practical for our every day activities. So unless, we’re paid to wear them, we may never even dream of buying them. But we still look fondly at these magazine pictures and videos of models walking on the runway because we are not really confident enough to call ourselves stylish or fashionable. Continue reading 10 Tips to Create Your Own Style