5 Tips to Organize Your Wardrobe

We all need our clothes, shoes and bags for our daily work but we don’t need all of them all the time. The changing seasons also means that we use a different set of our wardrobe for a different season. Here are 5 tips to keep your wardrobe in order and keep clutter at bay.

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The 15-Minute Cleaning Routine

Having to do a general house cleaning can take the whole day or the whole weekend. A daily 15-minute cleaning routine is a great way to keep your home looking clean every day and reduces the time it takes to clean and organise the whole house when it’s time for overall, general cleaning.

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Nice and Spice

It’s nice to be organised specially with your cooking items. I like experimenting with spices. I am fascinated by how a pinch of this and that spice can create many interesting flavour combinations. Not everything I come up with can be considered a success but having successfully organised my spices for easy access makes my cooking experiments more enjoyable. Now I know which spice need refilling and which I use most often. This translates to less hassle when grocery shopping.

If you want to succeed then plan for success. Organising my spices is a crucial step allowing me to succeed in my meal preparations and in my goal of eating wholesome, healthy food.

Have you successfully organised something in your home or work recently?