What To Pack and Not to Pack in your Carry On Bag

Before September 11, 2001, going through airport security was just a breeze. All you needed to do was to pass through a metal detector. All that changed after that gruesome act of terror that brought down the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York on 9-11.

Today, seeing long lines at the airport security is common. To facilitate your passing through airport security, you need to know what are the things that you can and cannot pack in your carry on baggage.

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10 Ways to Stretch Your Food Budget

One of the simple joys of life is to be able to eat the food you love when you want them. However, with the prices of consumer goods, including food items, ever increasing; it has become harder and harder to eat delicious and healthy food at home. Instead we have resorted to fast food fare which can be unhealthy for us physically but also budget-wise.

How do you survive grocery-shopping with a limited budget?

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