How to Apologize Properly

When a word or phrase is said and heard over and over again, it’s meaning gradually fades away. A prime example is the phrase “I am sorry” or “I’m sorry”. Whenever we do something that we think might offend or inconvenience another person, we quickly blurt out these words. But when the situation is not so simple and feelings and even persons are physically hurt, saying the same phrase is often ineffective.

There is a better and proper way to apologize so that the sincerity of your words are conveyed and we should practice these steps more often.

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Practice Kindness for A More Successful and Happier Workplace

Some of us have issues with co-workers or team mates at work and this takes away our enthusiasm for going to work. You may have a work mate that stresses you out and you don’t know what to do with them anymore. If you are a leader in your work, issues related to team members not getting along well are even more problematic and can really be a headache.

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What is Your Love Language?

We’ve all heard the story of petty quarrels and misunderstandings leading to a breakdown in relationships. Most of the time, couples blame the lack of communication to be the root cause, or a lack of understanding or appreciation from their partner as the reason they drifted apart and finally decided to end the relationship.

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Creative Date Ideas for Cheap or For Free!

Planning a date but don’t have the budget? No worries! You can always stay indoors and watch 50 First Dates (or some other movie you both like) with your date instead. You can spend each of your Php100 on some popcorn and drinks or on other snacks of your choice. One of you got cable? Then, like they say, just Netflix and chill. Continue reading Creative Date Ideas for Cheap or For Free!

10 Conversation Starters on The First Date

Going on a first date might feel really awkward and uncomfortable. You both want to put your best self forward without being too pushy, too talkative, too quiet, too loud, etc. You want to impress but you don’t want to be stressed.

First dates can be fun with interesting conversation.

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Dress For It

If you have heard of the Law of Attraction or LOA for short, then you know the principle of like attracts like. When you have positive thoughts, you attract positive things, people and circumstances into your life.

In the same manner, if you dress for the job you want, you will put yourself in a space as though you are already experiencing your desire. That is the secret to attracting what you want. Dressing for it just help you to feel what you want even more.

But don’t just dress for it and day dream all day. Be ready to get the job or receive the promotion. Dress for it, show up for it each day and work hard at it. Do everything you can to be deserving of it and let the universe take care of the rest.

5 Things I Learned While Traveling Without an Itinerary

I have travelled with a friend who loves to travel too. We explored new destinations together and sometimes without a plan. We just knew where we wanted to go and figured out along the way how to get there, totally relying on the help of strangers.

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Communicate with Touch

The skin is the largest organ in the body but we often take for granted how we communicate nonverbally through our body language but also through how we physically touch other people.

One of the ways you can comfort a person is through a gentle squeeze of the hand or a hug. Touching a person who can’t stop talking not only stops them from talking incessantly but makes them realise that you want to understand them better. For grieving or scared individuals, holding their hand or enveloping them in a firm hug, is a great comfort to them. It also assures them that someone is around to help them cope with the situation.

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