Slow Down Ageing

Life is about change. However, if there is one thing that is definite in this life – that is ageing. No amount of wealth or knowledge can stop ageing but there are some ways that we can do to slow it down. While genetics play a big role, at the end of the day, it is all about lifestyle choices.

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Your Left Side is More Attractive Than Your Right

Did you know that the left side of your face is more attractive than your right?

A study that was published in Psychology Today shows that the left side of the human face is generally more attractive than the right.  In the study, photos were presented in both original and mirror-image forms. No matter which portraits were shown, the results remained the same.  The correspondents found the left side of the face to be more pleasant and attractive than the right.Read More »

5 Habits to Adapt for Better Beauty

In our pursuit of “getting things done” in our daily lives, we have established a certain routine that enables us to accomplish all our tasks for the day. In the middle of all the things we need to do to earn our living and to get along with other people, we often forget to take care of our personal needs. Then, one day we look in the mirror and we are surprised at the person looking back at us.

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Woman in Red

Did you know that men are more attracted to a woman wearing red?

study done by two psychologists from the University of Rochester in New York, showed the effect of the color red on the behavior and attitude of men towards women.  Five psychological experiments were done using identical women whose photographs were digitally altered in different color presentations.  The photographs were shown to more than 100 men and were asked their attraction to the women on the photo. In all cases, the men strongly favored the women in red. It also showed how the men are more than willing to spend more money on the women in red.

So you know what to wear ladies, the next time you want to impress someone on a date.