Why You Should Tithe and Give

The concept of sharing our blessings is a teaching that we often hear as children. Sadly, we do not practice this very much as we grow older and we don’t often encounter such generosity from other people either. This is mostly due to financial reasons but also due to having a poverty mindset.

In fact, generosity in the form of a “tithe” or a giving fund should be a habit and should be part of our monthly budget. Here are some reasons why we should develop and maintain the practice of tithing.

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Lessons From Slight Edge: Simple Steps Toward Happiness And Success

You are at your lowest point in life. You are in pain but you know deep inside that you cannot stay in that state forever. Life goes on and it will not stop and wait for you until you are ready. You have heard of many success stories from people who overcame their lowest point in life. You believe that you too have what it takes to do the same. You are not just sure on where to begin.

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To Become Wealthy, Be Grateful

When we see pictures of wealthy people on glossy magazines, on TV and when we meet them in real life; we also wish in our hearts that we could be as wealthy as them. We want to ride the same car, buy the same clothes and be able to travel or buy things when we want to. However, we can wish all we want but if we don’t work towards becoming wealthy, we won’t ever get there.

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