What Kind of Tea Should You Drink?

Tea is more than a beverage.  It is actually good for your health too.  Several studies show that drinking a cup of tea daily will do wonders to your health. From calming your mind and body to strengthening your immune system and fighting cancer; these are just but some of the health benefits of drinking tea.

I have visited a tea factory in Beijing, China several years ago.  During that visit, I’ve learned some of the common teas available in the market today and their health benefits.  I’ve been a tea drinker since then.

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Nice and Spice

It’s nice to be organised specially with your cooking items. I like experimenting with spices. I am fascinated by how a pinch of this and that spice can create many interesting flavour combinations. Not everything I come up with can be considered a success but having successfully organised my spices for easy access makes my cooking experiments more enjoyable. Now I know which spice need refilling and which I use most often. This translates to less hassle when grocery shopping.

If you want to succeed then plan for success. Organising my spices is a crucial step allowing me to succeed in my meal preparations and in my goal of eating wholesome, healthy food.

Have you successfully organised something in your home or work recently?

Travel to Learn

If you feel you are stuck in a rut and don’t know how to go forward with your plans, then go and travel. Travel allows us to learn new things through new experiences and even acquire a new perspective on how to approach our road blocks. Just pack and go! You might be on the way to an exciting adventure that could change your life for the better.

Can You Pass the Marshmallow Test?

The Marshmallow Test was part of an experiment in the 1960s conducted by Stanford professor Walter Mischel. The experiment was part of a series of psychological studies which followed the lives of selected individuals from childhood to adulthood.

Would you rather get one marshmallow now or wait for a bit and get 2 marshmallows later?

The result of the experiment was to be uncovered years later when the children had all grown up and become adults. It showed the power of choice and the benefits of choosing to delay gratification.Read More »

12 Signs You Are Financially Stable

All of us aim to be financially stable. We try to maintain a budget, make it a goal to maximize our savings, minimize our spending, pay off our debts and dream of the day when we can count ourselves among those who are wealthy and financially stable.

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Why Wellness is Important to Success

Have you ever asked yourself what being “healthy” means to you? Have you ever asked other people if they are well or doing well in pursuing their goals or if they feel that they are doing well in their life in general? Have you ever asked yourself if you are doing well in pursuing your goals as well as in your everyday life?

When asked about being healthy or well, we often base our answers on how healthy we eat or how fit we are; how many times we exercise in a week and if we have muscles or not. But physical health and overall fitness is just one component of overall wellness.Read More »

Morning Habits of Highly Successful People

Are you happy? Are you healthy? Are you a millionaire? Do you consider yourself a highly successful person? You are where you are today because of your habits.

Everything that you repeatedly do from the moment you wake up until the time you go to sleep are habits. According to Charles Duhigg, author of best-selling book The Power of Habit, 40-45% of what we do each day are not conscious decisions but habits.

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10 Tips to Travel to New York on a Budget

Did you know that New York has been named one of the world’s most expensive cities to travel? It tops as the most expensive city for hotel accommodation and for an evening out based on the food and drink expenses of an average tourist.


If you want to visit the Big Apple but it is out of your price range, don’t worry. It is still possible to enjoy NYC and see its top attractions even with a limited budget.

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With the onset of social media, more and more people are experiencing FOMO. Studies show that about 70% of adults experience FOMO.  Worst, in another study it shows that about 40% of people, mostly millennials, have gone in debt, trying to keep up with the lifestyle of their peers.

Get rid of FOMO before it consumes you.  Fight FOMO with the power of GRATITUDE!

Dress for Success

Have you heard of the saying that you should dress for the job that you want, not the job that you have?

While what you wear does not define your value as a person, it is a fact that what you wear influences how others see you.

Your clothing makes a strong visual statement on your confidence level and how you see yourself. It is also a way to show respect not only to the situation but also to the people whom you are going to meet and talk to. Career counsellors know this well that is why they advise people to always look good and look professional especially on a job interview.

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