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Our Mission

The purpose of this blog is to help common folks, especially Pinoys, to live smartly by making smart choices, applying helpful tips and strategies and learning new habits to enrich every aspect of their daily lives so they can become happier, healthier and wealthier.

To be healthy does not only mean physical health. Health must also include all of one’s being; emotional, mental, intellectual and even spiritual health.

Wealth means more than acquiring financial assets and material things. It also pertains to the richness of your life experiences as well as the abundance of your friendships and personal relationships.

Only by being truly healthy and wealthy will you be able to enjoy life to the fullest.  This is what true success is all about.

We are not experts on these subjects. Just like you, we have experienced a lot of ups and downs in life. This blog is our way of sharing our experiences with you and how we were able to turn things around. We hope you can learn a thing or two from our stories and insights.

Let’s learn to overcome life’s challenges and succeed in achieving our goals together.

Our Story



I start the day with yoga and meditation as part of my efforts in adopting a healthy lifestyle.  I used to love to shop a lot for liabilities until I’ve discovered the wonders of financial literacy.  I am grateful that I get to enjoy what life has to offer by applying the lessons I’ve learned from books, travels and mentors.  Join me in my journey towards wellness and financial freedom. – Ana


My morning routine includes meditation, exercise and preparing my plant-based meals. I keep a gratitude journal to end my day with positive vibes. I am constantly curious and a consummate reader. This has helped me to learn how to improve in many aspects of my life, including my health and finances. I am always glad to share my experiences with anyone who would like to start on their own path to a better life. – Jean



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