Why You Should Tithe and Give

The concept of sharing our blessings is a teaching that we often hear as children. Sadly, we do not practice this very much as we grow older and we don’t often encounter such generosity from other people either. This is mostly due to financial reasons but also due to having a poverty mindset.

In fact, generosity in the form of a “tithe” or a giving fund should be a habit and should be part of our monthly budget. Here are some reasons why we should develop and maintain the practice of tithing.

An Attitude of Gratitude

Giving is an opportunity for us to share our blessings and in the act of giving, we are also able to acknowledge and appreciate our own blessings. Whenever we give off ourselves to others (whether thru our time, money or in kind), we also feel a certain fulfillment and an assurance that the world is not so bleak and gloomy after all.

Giving to another also carries with it a wish, a hope; you can even say it is a prayer, that things will become better for that person or organization that we intended to help out. In those moments, we also become grateful that our own situation is not worse off and that we are still capable of giving back.

Paying It Forward

Tithing is a way to give back for all the kindness and generosity that other people have shown us in the past. It also gives us the chance to give thanks for the generosity and kindness of other people that we will encounter in the future. When you give, you not only give your money or your time, you also provide the recipient with the opportunity to develop themselves into someone who can be capable of giving back the same way you did for them.

So when you practice tithing, although you are only giving away money, for the recipient, that amount might be equivalent to expanding their options in their self-development or business or career. When they succeed, they will also become capable of giving back to others the same way that you helped them along the way.

Turning Feelings Into Reality

When you are truly sharing your blessings, it should not be with a heavy heart that you give away a certain amount to a charity or a person in need, or even a tip to a kind waiter. You should do so with a light heart and even a smile. If you can do that, then you are truly helping without expecting anything in return and that is how you act when you are “blessed”.

If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction, then you know that you attract more of what you focus on. And if you feel generous, grateful and blessed, most of the time, then you will continue to attract more opportunities that will make you feel this way. Wouldn’t you want to feel this way most of the time, even all of the time? This will definitely help you get out of a poverty mindset.

Now that you know why you should have a tithe fund and why you should give and what attitude you should have when giving, the next question is how much to give. In your monthly budget, it is recommended that you set aside 10% of your income as tithe. You will find this recommendation in the Bible as well.

Your tithe fund is where you get money to tip waiters, the stylist and her assistant at your favorite hair salon, the kind taxi driver, etc. This is also where you can take out cash for gifts or when a relative needs to borrow some cash.

Remember that a tithe is different from an offering. You can consider an offering as something extra aside from the tithe.

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