Best Hair Brush and Comb for Detangling and Styling your Hair

There are so many kinds of hairbrushes and combs out there. What are you using? Are you even sure that you are using the correct one for your hair? Using the correct hairbrush and comb for your hair is very important because not only will it help you take care of your hair, it will also help you achieve the hairstyle that you want.

Combs and hairbrushes are categorized depending on their uses. Some are made for detangling and smoothing. Others are made for curling or straightening. Others are made specifically for wet hair. Thus, it is important to familiarize yourself of their uses to ensure that you are getting the maximum benefit in taking care and styling your hair.

With various designs, styles and materials available out in the market today; it is so confusing to know everything but you should at least know the basics.


Whether your hair is thick, thin, curly or straight, they can become knotted together while you sleep, wash or when you go to work. Thus, detangling is a necessity if you want your hair to be healthy.

A detangling comb or brush will help you remove the knots and tangles from your hair. It helps prevent hair breakage or damage. It also helps straighten the hair. Natural materials such as sandalwood are normally best in detangling your hair.

Wide tooth combs are combs made specifically for detangling wet hairs.

For brushes, the paddle brush is best known for detangling hairs. It is flat, wide and rectangular in surface. It should also be cushioned based with soft and flexible bristles.


Did you know that you should dress for success? Whether you like it or not, how you look matters. It influences how others see you. And your hair is part of your overall look . Thus, it is important that you style your hair in a way that it complements your outfit.

To style your hair, you need to use the correct comb or brush. A round brush is the best brush to use when styling your hair. It helps create volume, body and bounce into your hair. It is the perfect brush to use when you are blow drying your hair.

For comb, the best for hair styling is the fine tooth comb. Unlike in the wide tooth, the teeth on the fine-tooth comb are closely spaced. It is perfect for parting the hair in clean sections creating an immaculate look for your hair.

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