5 Steps to Properly Wash Your Hair

Hair is our crowning glory and how we wash our hair can affect how glorious, or how limp and tired, our hair looks. There are many ways to care for our hair but let’s start with proper hygiene. How we wash our hair can promote its health or cause damage to our scalp and strands.

“Oiliness is next to ugliness” is a good reminder to take note of when it comes to our hair. If we don’t properly wash our hair, our scalp will produce more oil to ward off dryness which can cause our hair to look limp instead of soft and light. To avoid having hair that looks dull and uncared for, here are some basic steps you can follow to properly wash your hair.

1. Detangle Before You Shower

Combing through your strands before hitting the shower means that there will be less tangles to sort out while you’re shampooing. Which also means less chances of hair breakage or pulling out strands from the roots. This also means less stress on your scalp.

2. Rinse Before You Shampoo

Too often when we shower, we just wet our hair a little and then apply shampoo. However, soaking the hair wet and gently massaging the scalp can help rinse off dirt and buildup even before you shampoo. So when you apply shampoo, it won’t only clean your hair and scalp further, it will also allow the ingredients to work better as there is less dirt and debris to remove. Rinse your hair thoroughly before you apply conditioner so that the conditioner can work better too.

3. Massage Don’t Rub

During shampoo as well as when you apply conditioner, remember to massage your scalp as you work the product into your strands. Do it in gentle, circular motions and enjoy the relaxing sensation as you do it. Don’t rub or scrub harshly. It won’t help you get dirt out but it will irritate your scalp and the roots of your hair instead.

4. Start Warm, End Cold

You may use warm water to rinse your hair before applying shampoo and conditioner to wash away grease from scalp and strands. The warm water helps our hair to better absorb the products we are applying. After applying shampoo (if you skip conditioner) or conditioner, it’s time to rinse with cold water. This will have the opposite effect; closing the hair cuticles so your hair strands will retain its moisture and your hair will look shiny and be easier to comb.

5. Pat to Dry

You’ve done all the proper washing techniques, but if you scrub your hair with a towel, your hair will still end up looking dull. Instead, squeeze out all the water from your hair and remove any excess water by patting with a dry towel. It would be even better if you leave it to dry on its own. By not scrubbing too hard, your hair can at least be soft enough and remain strong enough to withstand all the combing and hot air you will be putting it through if you use a hair blower afterwards.

Though we sometimes don’t notice our hair condition, once we do notice the damage, it can greatly affect our self confidence. Treat your hair like you treat your face. Be gentle with it and invest the time and effort into keeping it clean and healthy. This way, you will always be able to wear your crowning glory with confidence.

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