10 Tips to Get Cheap Airline Tickets

Have you ever wondered how frequent travellers are able to afford going to the destinations you see on their social media feeds? One obvious reason is that they set aside a travel fund so they have their travel expenses covered whenever they decide to set out to their next destination.

A not-so-obvious reason is that they are meticulous in planning ahead and this includes learning how to get cheap airline tickets. If you’re itching to fulfil your wanderlust, then here are 10 tips to get you started on your travel adventures.

1. Be Flexible When Picking Your Destination

One way to get cheaper airline tickets is to book a flight to a less popular destination. Airfare to popular destinations tend to be pricier so pick a location near your actual destination instead and take public transport from there.

Be sure to check your arrival time and approximate travel time to your actual destination so you arrive in time to check in to your accommodation.

2. Watch Out for Airfare Promos

Local airline companies always have discounted promo offers. So subscribe to their app or regularly check out their websites or social media pages. Learn each airline company’s anniversary as they give out special offers during these times. Watch out for special holidays and seasonal promotions too.

3. Be Ready to Book During Unholy Hours

A good thing to remember is that promo fares are often made available during unholy hours so you must have the patience and the stamina to stay up later than usual to score cheap airline tickets. Of course, you also need to be quick in booking your ticket. Frequent travellers have already grasped the timing of these special offers so you need to learn this too and schedule your airfare hunting accordingly.

4. Don’t Book Your Flight During Peak Season

Just like popular destinations, booking a flight during peak travel season means paying higher prices. As much as possible, book your flight before or after peak season. If you want to enjoy the activities during peak season, then extend your stay to a few days into the peak season then leave soon after to a nearby, less popular location so you don’t pay the higher price of a return flight from a popular destination.

5. Book Your Flights in Advance

The farther away from the travel date, the cheaper the price will be. Most frequent travellers have mastered the art of future planning for their travels. Once you’ve decided your alternative destination, schedule for a late night during promo fares to book your flight at least several months before. Frequent flyers book their flights at least 6 months before while others book a year ahead.

6. Book Your Flight for Early Morning or Late Evening

Another way to get cheaper airline tickets is to pick a departure time scheduled in the early morning or late evening. Just like avoiding traffic during rush hour, this allows you to enjoy cheaper ticket prices while avoiding the hassle of being stuck in traffic to get to the airport.

7. Read Your Booking Details

When booking your ticket be sure to read everything up to the bottom of the page. This way, you don’t suddenly find additional fees and charges bundled up with your original ticket price. Some airline companies pre-select additional items for you so read the booking details carefully and uncheck extra items.

8. Book Only What You Need

If you want cheaper airfare, book economy but if you can afford it, get business class or first class even. Needless to say, you will find out that you won’t need all the pre-selected items in your booking’s options. However, depending on your destination, flight schedule and the activities on your itinerary, and personal preferences, you may need some of the services on offer but not necessarily the ones pre-selected for you. For example, if you plan to bring home lots of souvenirs, you may want to add in the option for extra baggage space on your return flight.

9. Check Out Connecting Flights

Sometimes, connecting flights can be cheaper than direct flights to your target destination. They also give you time to take a break and rest up or do some shopping in the destination in between flights. Check for connecting flights and compare prices. Be sure to compare prices for both connecting and direct flights with other airline companies too.

10. Take Advantage of Your Credit Cards’ Travel Rewards

If you own a credit card that has rewards for travel miles, take advantage of your earned points. Credit card companies also give out discounts when you book on a partner airline company so check if your favourite airline or your planned destination is covered in the special offer.

Finally, do your research about your destination before booking. This way, you know what time and date to book for and you already have an itinerary in mind so you can also book your departure in advance.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do everything by yourself. There are many travel apps that can help you search for cheap destinations and cheap airline promos. So be patient and enjoy the thrill of hunting for cheap airline tickets. When you have finally booked your flight, you can fully enjoy the satisfied feeling of looking forward to your vacation.

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