Are You Book Smart?

Intelligence is something we are born with but how we hone it and develop it is unique to each one of us. Intelligence Quotient or IQ only measures innate intellectual ability but not the type of intelligence that a person has. There are different types of intelligence but most people differentiate themselves as either book smart or street smart.

Book smart generally means that a person has had a good education or has chosen to learn through educational activities like reading, watching documentaries, taking courses and seminars. Book smart persons have generally studied hard to achieve the level of knowledge they have in their field.

If you think you are book smart, then see if this list of characteristics apply to you.

  1. You feel like making a cup of brewed coffee sounds like a potentially challenging task but making the honor roll comes pretty easily.
  2. You can list facts and information but you don’t necessarily have a deep understanding of the subject.
  3. You are good at general knowledge and quizzes but you may find it difficult to grasp more complex ideas.
  4. You’d rather fix the error on an algebra equation than attempt to fix the kitchen sink. You’re not sure how to change a flat tire but you can correct poor grammar into something beautiful to read.
  5. People usually go to you for book recommendations and to ask for facts (like the correct spelling of a word) but not necessarily for advice on everyday tasks.

These are just a few characteristics popularly associated with book smart people but they may not apply to all. For example, there are some book smart people who can tell you the different kinds of coffee blends and are also very good at making their own favorite coffee. There are also some book smart individuals who can spot a grammar error with an eagle eye but get stressed out with math problems.

Similarly, just because a person is book smart, doesn’t mean they’re less intelligent or lack common sense. Like the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover.

Do you consider yourself book smart or know someone who is? Which characteristics do you relate to or which ones does your book smart friend usually exhibit in their everyday interaction?

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