Sky Castle: Parental Achievement Goals to the Extremes

Parents feel proud and happy of their children’s achievements. Just take a look at your social media accounts, everyday you will see posts of proud parents about their children’s attainments.

It is only natural for parents to aspire for their children’s success. However, when taken to the extremes, it becomes destructive. Because of the parents’ desire, children are being pressured to excel from a very young age. This has become the biggest cause of stress among the youth today. Sky Castle, the highest rated cable drama on Korean broadcasting history, is one of the top Korean dramas with lessons in life. It dealt with this sensitive style of parenting.

The story revolves around four wealthy families who lived in a posh and exclusive village called the Sky Castle. The fathers in the four families are all equally successful. Because of the success attained by the head of each household in Sky Castle, they expect their children to follow the footsteps of their fathers. Nothing but only the best is acceptable.

To ensure that the children excel academically and get accepted in one of the top universities in Korea; the parents resorted to extraordinary lengths such as planning the children’s schedules up to the minute details and building a  soundproof room for studying. The desire for their children to excel in Sky Castle has become a competitive sports that it brought immense pressure on the children. It was heartbreaking to watch the children’s lives being destroyed one by one as a result of the parents’ quest for achievement.

Although a work of fiction, Sky Castle had succeeded in hitting a nerve. It is so close to reality. Many parents nowadays put emphasis on the children’s achievements. In fact, several surveys done indicated that a great majority of parents; regardless of race, culture and social class, place their children’s achievements or performances as their top concern. Parents praised their children when they excel but blame and punish them harshly if they do not.

It is the duty of the parents to program their children for success. However, it is not just all about success. It is also the parents’ duty to make sure that their children grow up to be healthy, happy and responsible human beings. Instead of focusing solely on the child’s achievements, it is also important to provide the child with a loving and supportive environment. Remember that not all children are the same. Children have different interests, gifts and talents. It is the role of the parents to find out what these are and help them develop these. Only be doing so will they grow up to be exceptional individuals.

This satirical drama is a highly recommended show for all parents out there. As parents, you will learn a lot about the importance of parenting and hardships in raising children. At the same time, it will also give you a deeper understanding on looking at things from the point of view of your children.


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