What to Bring When You are Invited to Someone’s Home

Whether you are invited for a meal or to stay for a couple of days at someone else’s place, it is proper etiquette to bring something to your host . The gift need not be expensive. What is important is the gesture. It just serves as a token to show your gratitude for the invitation.

Here are some ideas that you could give as gifts to your host:

1. Wine

Wine is great gift for any occasion. The recipient need not worry about consuming the wine right away because wine has no expiration date. In fact, wine improves with age. The host can just store and drink it anytime. If it is a dinner party, you can choose a wine that complements the food being served. Your host can choose to open it and share it with the guests.

2. Flowers

Giving flowers can add life or elegance to the house decor. If you decide to bring flowers, make sure they are already pre-arranged preferably in a vase. That way, you would not be giving your host inconvenience by making him/her do the flower arrangement in  a vase. Bringing a potted plant is also a good alternative.

3. Chocolates

Unless your host is diabetic, who doesn’t love receiving a box of chocolates as gift?! After all chocolates increase the levels of endorphins, the happy hormones in the body.  It doesn’t matter what the occasion is. There is always something for everyone. Unless you know the preference of your host, it is best to give a box of chocolates that has different varieties to suit every palate.

4. Desserts

Sweet foods such as cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies, ice creams or any other desserts are also great gift ideas especially if presented in nice packaging.

5. Basket of Cheese, Nuts and Crackers

A basket of assorted cheese, nuts and crackers is an appropriate gift especially for dinner occasions or house warming parties. They are also good for holiday parties.

6. Fruit Baskets

Fruit baskets are not only healthy, they also give a wonderful colourful addition to any table.

7. Gift Card

Gift cards are the best gift to give if you don’t know what the host wants. With gift cards, the recipient can purchase anything he or she wants. You can also avoid giving unwanted gifts.

8. Homemade Dish

If you are good in making a specific dish or dessert like cakes, cupcakes or even candies; make sure to bring it as a gift. Cooking or preparing the gift yourself adds a personal touch to it. It is also a good chance to showcase your talents to other people.

9. Company Product

If you own a business that sells a specific product, you can also bring this as a gift to your host. Just like a homemade dish, this kind of gift gives a sense of personal touch to it. It is also a way to market your product.

10. Local Products

Instead of going for mass-produced items, it is better to give a local product from your place especially if you will be coming from a different town, city or even country. Authentic foods or exceptional hand-crafted products are unique and interesting gift ideas. You will also be helping the local community with your purchase.




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