Life Plan A and B: Did you Make the Right Choice?

During the long weekend, I was looking for something to watch on Netflix when I stumbled upon a title that piqued my interest. It was a Taiwanese drama entitled Life Plan A and B. It was only 6 episodes long so I gave it a try.

life plan a and b
Image Credit: whatsnewonnetflix

I wasn’t expecting anything when I started watching.  My sole reason for watching was simply to be entertained. It is nice to get to watch a little romance every now and then. I was surprised that the show did more than just entertain. It made me think about life and our existence in general. It was all about decisions in life and how every decision alters and changes our future.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

In the drama, Taiwanese actress Rainie Yang stars as Zeng Ru Wei. The character Zheng Ru Wei is just a simple girl from Taipei who dreams of becoming successful in her career. She has been in a serious relationship with You Yan for so long. The two are planning to get married in a couple of years and build a family together. When an opportunity for career advancement in Shanghai opened to Zeng Ru Wei, she quickly applied. You Yan, the ever supporting boyfriend applied for a job to Shanghai too so that the two of them could begin a life together there. Their plan was all set but it seems that life had other plans.

Days before the two are scheduled to leave for Shanghai, You Yan’s father had an accident that left him crippled. Because of the accident, You Yan could not bear to leave his parents alone in Taiwan. Zeng Ru Wei, is now faced with a dilemma. Will she leave for Shanghai to pursue her dreams and leave her boyfriend behind during the time where he needs her the most or will she not accept the promotion and stay with You Yan to help him take care of his father?

Instead of one story, the whole drama showed both scenarios. In Plan A, Ru Wei leaves for Shanghai to pursue her career. In Plan B, Ru Wei decided be with You Yan to help him take care of his parents.

The Ru Wei in Plan A represents the modern women. She is strong and career oriented. She is successful, confident and financially capable.  The Ru Wei on Plan B represents women in love who are capable of sacrificing their own self for the love of their lives. Both Ru Wei gained something but also lost something in the process.

Although both choices ended up in happy endings. It wasn’t easy getting there. It involved a lot of sacrifices, hardships and tears. The drama showed that there really is no one perfect choice. Both decisions are right in their own way. At the same time, both decisions are wrong. It all boils down to what matters most to the individual.


Watching this drama made me realized some things:

1. Life Does Not Always Go as Planned

No matter how much we plan, we know that life doesn’t always go according to our plans. It is scary but it is impossible to be able to control everything. There is always a force out there that is greater than you. What we can do is to learn to go with the flow. Don’t fight it and don’t be scared.

2. There is no Such Thing as Right or Wrong Choice

All of us had to go through several crossroads in life. We made choices that sometimes we wonder if we ever made the correct one. This drama shows that is there is no such thing as right or wrong choice. While every choice is a good choice, each one also comes with its own hardships and consequences. There is no such thing as a smooth path. If things get so hard, just know that your choice is what is best for you. Just stick to it and soon you will find your happy ending.

3. Your Decision Should be Based on what Matters Most to You

Every individual is different. We all have different ways in looking at things. My decision may be different with yours. You can ask advice from other people but in the end, listen to what your heart is saying.

In the drama, personally, I prefer the Ru Wei in Plan A. I admire her for her guts. I love the way she empowered herself. However, in real life, I had to go through almost the same dilemma as Ru Wei and I had chosen Plan B. Although I had to admit, I sometimes wonder what could have happened if I had chosen Plan A; if given a chance to go back, I would still choose Plan B because that is me.

4. Your Happiness is In Your Hands

Whatever decisions you have made in the past, remember that it is up to you to be happy. Once you have made the decision, there is no point in regretting it. Don’t waste time thinking about the what ifs. Instead, make the most out of your decision. You can either choose to be happy or you can choose to live a life of regret. It is your call. Your happiness is in your hands.

5. Trust and Learn from the Journey

Sometimes we forget that we are here on earth because we have a purpose to fulfill. Lessons will come our way because we are supposed to evolve spiritually. In the drama, although the choices that Ru Wei made in both Plan A and B were totally different, there is still parallelism with regards to the major challenges that came her way. Like for example, in both cases, she had to deal with unwanted pregnancies. Although the scenarios are totally different, the major challenge remains the same.

The point is trust that everything happens for a reason. You may not understand it now, but in the future you will understand why things had to happen. What you can do is to learn from the journey. So that you can emerge as a better person.


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