5 Health Benefits of Grounding

If you are busy at work all day, you probably are not “grounded” and this can cause and contribute to the development of many health issues. To start benefiting from grounding, learn how to practice grounding or earthing and make it a daily part of your life.

As you continue to practice grounding, you will not only feel “centered” and have a more focused mind; you will also experience many healthy benefits including, but not limited, to these five.

1. Reduce Inflammation and Pain

People who often ground themselves experience less inflammation and lower pain levels than those who are not grounded. For those suffering from conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis for example, inflammation is greatly reduced and the perception of pain lessened. This also means less inflammation as well as lower pain levels for injuries, faster recovery from headaches, menstrual problems and soreness from intense exercising.

2. Reduce Stress Hormones

Spending time in nature with your bare feet touching the ground also helps lower stress hormone levels. Have you ever had the feeling of lightness and relief when you go out, surrounded by trees and breathing in the fresh air? How much more when the soles of your feet make contact with the ground? Grounding also helps lower tension in your body as the calming effect helps you relax.

3. Sleep Better

Better sleep is one of the major effects of grounding. If you have spent a day at the beach with the waves lulling you to sleep, then you know grounding works. You wake up the next day feeling well rested and relaxed even if you slept later than usual. You see the same effect on children who played barefoot all day. Their good sleep might be attributed to their being tired but it is also the effect of being grounded to nature all day.

Children playing barefoot get sick less often than kids who stay indoors all day.

4. Increase Energy

What happens next when you are able to get a good night’s sleep? You are able to raise your energy levels! Taking the beach experience again as an example, aren’t you feeling energised even after you’ve spent the whole day swimming in the ocean or playing volleyball or frisbee? That’s why you’re still in a good mood to while the night out in a bonfire with your friends, or at the resort’s bar, even after a whole day of beach activities. We usually arrive back at work with more energy to take on our tasks than we had before we went on a beach vacation.

A beach vacation is one of the best ways to re-energize thru grounding.

5. Improve Circulation

Grounding also helps improve circulation so that our body better absorbs the nutrients from the food we eat and helps regularise bodily functions such as digestion. This also means better blood supply to the brain, heart, vital organs and muscle groups for optimal health. When we are feeling healthy overall, we are also able to think clearly, focus better and be generally more productive in our work.

These are just some of the benefits of grounding. Depending on the status of your own health, you may experience even more benefits from this practice.

3 thoughts on “5 Health Benefits of Grounding

  1. […] Yes, stay humble but also be actually connected to the Earth. Grounding or Earthing is a practice that we can consider as almost lost and buried under all the trappings of technology that we surround ourselves with daily. If you remember the good feelings you had when you were a kid, after playing outside on your bare feet, then you already have an idea of the positive effects of grounding. […]


  2. […] If you usually spend your weekends catching up on sleep and still get to work feeling groggy on Monday, then a road trip will change that sluggish pace. Spending time in nature is always a good way to recharge. Plan a quick swim on the nearest beach or go trekking or biking on a nature trail. Enjoy breathing in the fresh air and take a walk on the ground with bare feet to ground you again and feel the health benefits. […]


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