5 Advantages of Traveling Solo

Traveling with companions is always more fun but not all of your travel buddies might be available to travel with you all the time; so why not consider traveling solo? Traveling solo may seem like a boring trip at first thought, but it can actually be a fun one and you’ll experience what you might enjoy as much if you’re traveling with somebody else.

Try traveling solo at least once in your life and get to enjoy these advantages:

1. A Sense of Absolute Freedom

When traveling alone you’ll relish a sense of absolute freedom even more. You won’t have to fit in with any one else’s agenda for the day and you’ll get to do the things you really want to do without being pressured by your peers or having to consider somebody else’s preferences.

2. Take Your Own Sweet Time

Traveling solo means you can spend your time the way you want. Want to spend the whole afternoon getting lost in a museum? Want to walk on foot to take pictures of the great architecture? You can indulge in what you truly want without having to cut short your time for immersing in what you enjoy doing the most.

3. Enhance Your Self Reliance

Going on a trip alone also means that you need to plan things carefully before hand. So if you’re not the type to research, you’ll have to develop the skill in order to plan your trip. During the trip, you will also learn how to ask questions on your own and ask help from total strangers when you need it. Traveling by yourself will not only help you increase your research and social skills, it will also help you build your self-confidence in the process.

4. Expand Your Network of Friends

Usually, when we travel with a group or a friend, we tend to stick with the group or with our friend. When you travel alone, you will naturally get to interact with many new people, some of which might end up as your travel companions for the duration of your trip and maybe even friends who will want to travel with you in the future. How many love stories were born out of meeting each other while traveling on their own?

5. Really Getting to Unplug

Traveling alone means you’re not tied to your phone to chat with your travel buddies on where they are at the moment and where you will meet next. Since you are by yourself, you can put your mobile device and other gadgets away whenever you want to and just enjoy the present moment without worrying about other people’s whereabouts.

Got more ideas on the fun you can have when traveling solo? Do share them with us.

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