5 Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe from Heat Stroke

While we observe habits to stay safe in extreme heat this summer season, we should also keep in mind the health of our pets. They are a part of our family after all and they don’t have the means to take care of themselves from weather changes. To ensure the health and safety of our pets during hot weather; follow these tips.

1. Keep them Indoors and Provide Ample Shelter

As much as possible, keep your pets indoors so they don’t get overexposed to the summer heat. If humans need fans and air-conditioning, these would benefit pets too. This is especially important during the hottest hours of the day from 10AM to 3PM. If this is not possible, make sure that their living space has ample shade and that they are able to move around adequately so they can get into more comfortable positions and not be cramped when resting.

2. Schedule Playtime During Cooler Hours

For pets that need outdoor exercise, schedule their activities during the early morning or late in the afternoon when the temperature is cooler. You may also adjust their exercise routine to milder activities such as jogging or walking the dog instead of running. Also, for long walks, take frequent breaks when necessary.

3. Give Frequent Baths and Cool Downs

Regular baths are a must especially for larger pets but be sure to provide pets with the means to cool down by themselves. Arrange for a tub or a rubber pool with water outdoors so that pets that stay outdoors have easy access to cool down and drink water. You can also have some fun while cooling them down by getting a hose and letting them enjoy playing with the water while you’re watering your plants.

4. Keep Refilling Their Water Bowls

Just like us, hydration is also important for pets to regulate their body temperature. Make sure that you provide them with water in their water bowls at all times. Be sure to constantly check so that you can ensure that they also keep drinking. If possible, provide them with cold water to help them cool down faster.

5. Don’t Leave Pets in the Car

This is important to remember, in any type of weather. Never leave pets inside the car. You may think that it will only take a few minutes to run an errand but your pets might not be able to regulate their temperature easily when the temperature gets even hotter. Leaving a window open is not enough. If you’re not sure how much time you will spend on your errand, better leave your pet at home where they can be comfortable and have access to a water source at all times.

Pets are part of the family so make sure to keep them healthy and safe this summer.

For cats and dogs, certain breeds are more susceptible to heat stroke than others so check with your veterinarian and search online to learn more about your pet. Also, keep a close watch on pets with thick fur, senior pets, sickly pets, pets with health problems and overweight pets.

We all love our pets so we should remember to take care of their health just as we take care of ourselves. Be a smart and responsible pet owner and be sure to provide your pets with what they need to keep them healthy and cool during the hot, summer days.

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