Practice Grounding for Your Health

When you think of the word “grounding”, you normally think of how we keep ourselves safe from getting electrocuted inside our homes and work places. Actually, it works for the human body too.

Grounding, also called Earthing, is a practice that benefits our health. Unfortunately, in our modern world, we don’t do much of this or none at all. For example, when was the last time you walked barefoot on the ground, or on the grass?

What is Grounding or Earthing?

Think of the planet Earth as a giant battery that contains an electric charge and this electric charge is subtly transmitted into our bodies through our skin, specially through the soles of our feet. “Earthing” or “Grounding” is being in actual conductive contact with the earth.

Do you recall the feeling of being well each time you walked barefoot on the beach? Do you recall a comforting, warm sensation the last time you walked barefoot on the grass? This is what being grounded means and when you are grounded you also feel centered, strong, balanced, solid, less tense and less stressed.

Overall, you just feel good when you are grounded and if you are feeling some pain, you usually feel less pain or even none at all afterwards. When you get off from an afternoon of playing on the sand, you usually feel some soreness from overusing your muscles but you generally feel less pain and are more calm and relaxed.

How to Practice Grounding or Earthing

We usually go through our whole day wearing slippers or shoes so we are disconnected from the natural, electrical charge of the earth and missing out on its health benefits. The good thing about grounding is that it can be done anytime and for free.

The best way is to spend more time touching the ground with your bare feet. Just stand on the grass or ground in your backyard during the morning when you’re trying to catch some sunshine for a dose of Vitamin D. This way, you also get a dose of Vitamin G or grounding.

Walking on the beach always feels good because we experience being grounded.

Of course, make sure that you practice grounding under safe and healthy conditions. For example, don’t drench yourself outside on a cold, rainy night just to get some grounding done. Do it while there’s still sun and on dry ground. When stepping on grass, make sure you’re not stepping on ants.

Try to ground yourself at least 30 minutes a day. You can never overdose from grounding and the more you do it, the more health benefits you’ll start to experience. So try doing it as much as you can through the course of the day.

If you are already practicing grounding, tell us your experiences on grounding and how it helped your health.

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