5 Ways to Handle Stress for Success

Everyone has the goal of living a stress-free life but that may just be a myth. We will experience no growth in life if we don’t encounter stress. If you don’t experience stress and conquer them, then you will never realise your full potential.

Instead of aiming for a stress-free life, we can aim for a life where we have more joyful moments and less stressful moments and whatever stress we may encounter is manageable. In the meantime, here are 5 ways to manage stress so it contributes instead of hinders your success.

1. Expect and Be Prepared for Change

Change is a constant in life so you should always anticipate it and prepare for it. For every situation you are in right now, think of what possible changes may happen in future to change the situation for the better or for worse. Think forward and prepare for the possibilities. This way, you are prepared for change any time it arrives.

2. Look for the Opportunities

When we are stressed, we often feel restricted in our actions; put into a corner with our decisions. But there are always opportunities to help change around. Instead of focusing on the limitations, try to identify the opportunities in the situation. A work-related conflict might be an opportunity to push forward an idea you have long held or an opportunity for you to start a career in another place.

3. Look Back at Your Lessons

Review your life and see what lessons you have learned from the stressful situations you have encountered and handled before. Write down these lessons and review them regularly so you can instil in yourself the lessons learned. You might even be able to identify negative habits and behaviours that contributed to putting you into such stressful situations. These insights will help you to change for the better so you don’t go thru the same kind of stress again.

4. Talk Positively to Yourself

Most people are worriers and when we worry we tend to look at the negative side of things. Change this pattern and look at the flip side of things. Change the “what ifs” to positive scenarios and focus on how that would feel. What would you say to yourself when this positive scenario becomes reality? Imagine the good things in life more instead of focusing on the negatives. Pat your back and treat yourself when you achieve small victories. Remember that the thoughts to indulge in will influence your reality.

5. Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude

Part of focusing on the positive things in your life is to learn to appreciate the blessings and opportunities you are able to enjoy. Schedule a time to recall the events of the day and list down the things that you are thankful for. Identify the opportunities that came from stressful situations and appreciate that too. Write them down on your mobile device, a spreadsheet or on a notebook. Whatever way works for you is ok as long as you are consistent with this daily habit.

All these positive habits will help you manage stress better and move your forward to success much faster. The way you talk and think about yourself will also attract to you the kind of people and opportunities that will reinforce your thoughts and actions. So keep on practising these positive habits to manage any stressful situation while still keeping a positive outlook.

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