Your Key to Success

It all started with lechon manok (roasted chicken). Then, it was followed by shawarma, milk tea, donuts, cupcakes then frozen yogurts. These are just some of the food crazes that hit Manila by storm. A handful of people who invested in such crazes definitely cashed in some profits. Unfortunately, although there were a few gainers, there were more losers. Take shawarma for example, out of all those stores that proliferated in the country in the 80s, almost all already closed their businesses a long time ago.

The same thing happened with the nursing craze. In the early 2000s, people have noticed that a lot of nursing professionals were leaving the country for greener pastures abroad especially in the United States. Nursing became the major tool in getting that much sought after green card to be able to live the American dream. Almost anyone knows somebody who is a registered nurse in the US, who made it big there. Suddenly, most parents wanted their children to become nurses. High school graduates wanted to take up nursing. Even already college graduates wanted to study again to take up nursing. Nursing schools sprouted all over the country.

Then, the 2008 financial crisis happened. The United States followed by other countries not only stopped hiring nurses but also laid off their workers. Because of their numbers, the Philippines had already saturated the market to the point that nursing graduates need to even pay the hospitals just so they can get training experience. Today, many nursing graduates still cannot get a job as a nurse.

A craze is something that became extremely popular but for a limited period of time. The common mistake of many Filipinos is that everybody wants to join the craze. They want to make it big, and they think that joining the bandwagon is the answer. However, just because your friend was successful in pursuing the craze, it does not mean you will too. Don’t just follow what everyone else is doing.

While dreams, discipline, hard work, intelligence, luck and persistence may be factors to success; they are not the key ingredient. The most important factor to success is passion. Do you want to be successful in your career or your business? Find your passion.


Passion is a strong feeling of enthusiasm for something. Several studies suggest that rich people became rich because they follow their passion. According to Thomas C. Corley, best-selling author of the book Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals:

  • 96% of the poor or average people don’t like what they are doing while
  • 86% of the rich like what they are doing.

The point is if you love what you are doing, you will spend more time doing it. Enthusiasm is very powerful. Even if you encounter lots of obstacles ahead of you, you will still continue doing it because you love doing it. The more you do it, the more you will be better at it. The better you are at your work, the better you will get paid for it.

In the Forbes list of millionaires, majority of them got to where they are right now by doing what they love.

Bill Gates loved computer programming since the age of 13. He excelled in Math and Science. Although he enrolled in Harvard University, he had a hard time keeping up with school work because he spend most of his time in his computer than in class. He eventually dropped out of school, pursued his passion and ended up building the world’s largest software business, Microsoft.

Amancio Ortega started his life in poverty. He left school to work as delivery boy at a shirt maker in their town at the age of 14. He then worked his way up to become an assistant to the tailor then later a designer. He pursued his passion until he was able to buy his own factory. Today, his high street clothes Zara is world famous.

Warren Buffet started investing in the stock market at a very young age. When asked in a recent interview what is the secret to his success, he answered, “I found what I love to do very early…when I was seven or eight years old I knew that his particular game really, really intrigued me.” He pursued his love for investment from then on which lead him to where he is today.

You can dream about anything but in order for you to achieve those dreams, you need to have specific goals.  However, not all goals are achieved in life.  To make it easier to achieve your goals, your goals should always be in line with your passion.

If your dream is to become rich for example, you will never become rich just by dreaming alone.  Little steps are needed to lead you closer to your dream one step at a time.  As specified in the examples above, just because a person became successful in a specific field does not necessarily mean you will also become successful in the same path.  The key is to do something that you love.  Your passion or interests will keep you going and ultimately will lead you to your dream.

So ask yourself this question, if money is not an issue, what kind of work will you be doing?  Will you settle for a high paying job or look for your dream job? 

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