5 Tips in Taking a Good Selfie

The advancement of technology and social media paved the way for the rise of a phenomenon called “selfie”. It became so popular that selfie was named the Word of Year for 2013 by the Oxford Dictionaries.

The Oxford Dictionaries defined selfie as “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded on social media website”. It is not considered a selfie if another person will take the photo for you.

People take selfies for various reasons. Selfies are used by people to express themselves. Famous persons use selfies to build their image. Others use it to attract attention while others do it for fun. Taking selfies is predominant among the millennials, who are considered to be the selfie generation.

Anyone can take a selfie but it takes skills to master the art of taking selfies. Here are tips on how to take a good selfie:

1. Shoot from Above

Shooting from above will make you look slimmer. It will also hide your chin. However, don’t do it so high that you need to look up. Make sure that the camera is not above your head. Don’t put it below either because you will have the tendency to look down. If you do this, a shadow will be created under your chin. It will also make your chin or neck appear fatter.

2. Face your Light Source

Taking photos facing your light source will help bring out the true colours of your clothes and surroundings making them very clear and vivid. It will help brighten your face and reduce shadows. Use natural light as much as possible. If it is dark then opt for soft lighting.

3. Tilt  your Head Slightly

Tilt your head slightly at about 15 degrees to your right. The 15 degree angle softens your jawline. Thus, making you more attractive. This is actually based on a study conducted by the University of Bamberg, Germany indicating that facial attractiveness is higher when the head is slightly tilted to right at 15 degrees angle.

4. Smile

More often than not, people look better when they smile. Thus, you can never go wrong by smiling in your photo. However, a fake smile usually comes across as obvious. To make your smile look genuine, think of happy thoughts while you are taking the photos.

5. Consider the Background

Just because it is a selfie does not necessarily  mean that you should forget about the background. The background improves the photo and make it more interesting. A plain background is acceptable; however, if you are the type of person who keeps on posting selfies, let’s face it, after some time, it becomes boring and redundant. Keep your audience interested. Enhance your selfie with an interesting background.





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