10 Must Have Shoes for Women

Shoes are an important part of our daily lives.  Although originally intended to protect our feet from the cold and the ground, shoes had evolved to become much more than that.  An entire outfit or fashion look can be enhanced or tarnished depending on the shoes that you  are wearing.  If you are dressing for success, your shoes should always be comfortable, appropriate and clean to complete your power look.

As much as most women would love too, not everyone can afford to have a shoe collection that could meet or even surpassed imeldific standards.  There will always be budget and closet space constraints.  Fortunately, there is a solution.  All you need is to complete these ten essentials and you will have shoes to wear for every occasion.

Here are 10 must have shoes for women:

1.  Black Pointed Pumps

Black pointed pumps are the ultimate go-to shoes if you are aiming for sophistication and elegance.  They are so versatile that you could wear them with anything from gowns to cut out jeans.  Famous celebrities, royalties and every powerful women on the planet had been photographed wearing black pointed pumps.

Photo Credit:  sociofab


2.  Classic Ballet Flats

All women look fabulous and sexy in high heels but let’s face it, they are not practical especially if you have to walk long distances.  The classic ballet flats are a must have if you are looking for comfort yet wants to stay chic, fashionable and elegant at the same time.

Photo Credit:  Woman of Style and Substance


3.  Dressy Heeled Sandals

Every woman should have at least a pair of ultra sexy heels in metallic gold or silver.  You can pair them with jeans for a night out or pair them with your evening gown to feel instantly sexy.

In a recent study done in the University of Bretagne in France, results showed that men really do find women in high heels more attractive and sexier.  In the study, women dressed in identical clothing were asked to walk and drop their glove.  About 93% of the men chase after women wearing high heels to return the glove compared to only 62% to those wearing flat shoes.

Photo Credit:  Your Next Shoes


4.  Classic Sneakers

Sneakers are shoes with rubber soles.  They were termed as such because anyone wearing sneakers can sneak up to you without you hearing a sound because of their rubber soles.  Sneakers are good as everyday walking shoes.  You can never go wrong with a pair of classic sneakers preferably in white.

Photo Credit:  Teen Vogue


5.  Casual Sandals

Casual sandals are great for the summer especially if you are wearing shorts, skirts and dresses.  They are flat and very comfortable.  You can choose any design or colour to your liking.

Photo Credit: Creative Fashion Glee


6.  Kitten Heels 

The kitten heels took its place in the fashion world ever since Audrey Hepburn was seen wearing one in the 1950s.  They are heels with a little bit of lift to give its look a sense of formality without sacrificing comfort.  They are good everyday office shoes especially if they are in black.  The slingback version gives a modern twist on the classic look.   

Photo Credit:  Foot Wear News


7.  Nude Heels

If there is one pair of shoes that celebrities love to re-wear over and over again, it is their nude heels.  Nude heels are seasonless.  You can wear them in any occasion.  They go with any outfit or any color.   You can wear them whether it is day or night.  It does not matter whether you choose pumps, peep toes or ankle strap sandals, as long as you have at least one nude heels in your shoe wardrobe.

Photo Credit:  Phase-Eight


8.  Ankle Boots

A pair of ankle boots in black or brown will give you just the right amount of coolness.  They look amazing on jeans, skirts, shorts and tights.  You can wear them on cold months or when you go to cold places.  You can also wear them on warmer months by pairing them with shorts or mini dresses or skirts on warmer months.

Photo Credit:  Schuh


9.  Loafers

If you are feeling a little less girly or feminine, a pair of loafers are the perfect shoes for you. Originally created for men, loafers are a great alternative to flats. They are comfortable and easy to wear. They are great for jeans, mini skirts and button down shirts. You can even wear them for casual days at the office with khakis or linen trousers.

Photo Credit:  Popsugar


  10.  High Boots / Wedges

If you live in a country where there are cold climates, a pair of high boots are a must have.   Not only will they keep you warm, they can also give a dramatic effect to your outfit.  With the right height and proportion, they work perfectly as a fashion statement on the streets.

Photo Credit:  Teen Vogue


Wedges on the other hand are a must have for warmer countries.  They are fun, stylish and yet comfortable.  They are perfect for your sun dresses or skinny jeans.  You can wear them on the streets or at the beach.

Photo Credit: People

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