Health’s Value

Message is simple. Love your body. Nourish it. Protect it. It’s the only one you got.

It is compared with money in the sense that most people don’t really know how to value money. They spend whatever they receive as if there is no tomorrow. So, all their lives they keep on working for money. Unfortunately, such income is not forever. It is simply not possible to work your whole life. Regret will come in after the money is all gone or when you are already too weak and too old to work.

The same is true with health. Regret will come in once sickness happens. Unfortunately, unlike money wherein there is always a chance to earn the money that was lost again; health, once lost is hard to recover. Although there are success stories of people recovering from different kinds of illnesses, the body will no longer be the same.

Don’t have regrets later on. Take care of your health now. Drink lots of water. Eat vegetables. Have enough sleep. Exercise. Learn to manage stress. Take a vacation. Stay away from toxic people. Smile. Be happy. And most of all, be grateful.


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