12 Natural Ways to Fight the Signs of Ageing

We all want to keep looking good even as we grow older. We all want to still feel strong and look fit even after we retire from our job. We want to maintain our youthful energy as much as we can, for as long as we can.

How do you fight the signs of ageing?

The answer to this seems to be the Fountain of Youth; a myth which has inspired many works of art as well as scientific innovations to delay and even prevent, the signs of ageing. However, there are some things you can do on your own to help you feel young and even look young.

1. Think Positive

There is no better way to wake up in the morning than to start the day with a positive vibe. It instantly lifts up your mood, boosts your confidence and encourages you to pursue your goals and face the day with a brighter outlook.

Think positive. Remember that your thoughts become you.

The Law of Attraction states “That which like itself, is drawn.” So thinking positively about a thing, a person or a situation will increase your chances of attracting more positive situations, persons and things into your life. That should keep you from frowning too much and keep facial wrinkles at bay.

2. Have Time to De-Stress

If you are having a hard time keeping a positive outlook about the issues you are facing, don’t hesitate to give yourself time to de-stress. Pamper yourself with a massage; spend the weekend in a spa, indulge yourself in an at-home facial, listen to your favorite music playlist, go to your favorite resto and eat your favorite dish or cook yourself some comfort food.

Tune-out from stress with your favorite music.

A quick way to de-stress is to do a breathing exercise or to meditate; just sit in silence for at least 20 minutes. Get away from a stressful situation to recharge yourself so you can handle the situation with a clearer mind instead of being overwhelmed by the situation.

3. Keep Learning

Your brain is like a muscle; the more you use it, the more it grows sharper. But don’t overuse it either. Instead, use it in different ways by learning new things such as a new language; a new game like chess and other strategy games such as tackling your monthly budget; a word or math puzzle like sudoku or learn to do math with the abacus.

Maintain the health of your brain by always learning new things.

You can start simple by learning a new song or memorizing a poem penned by one of your favorite authors or learn to write a poem yourself. For a more useful skill, you can try to review your geography again and learn to use the compass so you know where exactly on the map you’re going when you’re travelling.

4. Be Grateful

To complete the positive vibe that you started in the morning; end the day with a positive vibe too. Review your day and think of at least 3 things that you are grateful for that day. You can also keep a gratitude journal in any notebook you like so you can review the things that you are blessed with for the whole month.

Keep an attitude of gratitude.

As you go about your daily activities, take time to express thanks for the little things that people around you do for you. If you are facing negative issues, you can still be grateful even in tough times for the lessons that you can learn from the situation.

5. Stay Connected

Personal connections are important channels that provide us a venue to de-stress by sharing our anxieties and doubts as well as reaffirming our beliefs and values. They also serve as our support group who encourage us and advise us on how best to handle our problems and reach our goals.

Make time to engage with your friends and loved ones.

Your social circle keeps you grounded but gives you the confidence boost and even the knowledge and insights you need to move forward with your plans. And when things get tough; you know you can count on them to help you erase the lines on your forehead and put back the smile on your face.

6. Avoid Overexposure to the Sun

Our skin is the first part of our body to show signs of ageing. It also serves to protect our vital organs and is the biggest part of our whole body so why not protect it just as you protect your face? So don’t forget to bring your umbrella with you and use it when it’s too hot to go outside even if you are just walking a short way to your office building.

Bask in the sunshine for your daily dose of vitamin D but only until 8AM.

Sunshine in the early morning is good for you but from 8AM onwards, the sunlight can cause more harm than good for your skin. If you do need to go outside, use your umbrella and put on your sunscreen product.

7. Stay Hydrated

Your daily activities keep you busy and you may not feel thirsty but you need to ensure that you hydrate your body so you can function properly. There are many times when we get a headache while working and we think it’s because we are stressed from work when in fact we are just dehydrated.

Try infused water. Put in lemon slices and let stand for a bit. Drink warm or cold.

Drinking your water allows your body to work more efficiently allowing your body to help to flush out toxins so you can stay healthy. Tired of just plain water? Jazz it up by infusing it with lemon slices or cucumber and other fruits like oranges, grapes and strawberries.

8. Eat Your Way to Healthy

A healthy eating habit is one of the basic ways to stave off the signs of ageing. What you eat will definitely influence how you look outside so a healthy diet consisting of a variety of fruits and veggies as well as nuts and healthy oils will definitely help you look and feel healthier.

Eat healthy. Eat the rainbow. Incorporate foods with different colors into your dishes.

As much as possible, choose foods that promote an alkaline environment in your body. An acidic body becomes an environment for the development of illness. The primary culprit of an acidic body is consuming too much sugar. These sugars are found in starchy foods such as potatoes, breads and pastries and packaged food.

Replace your sodas with green tea or a hot chocolate made with dark cocoa. Most importantly, read the labels when shopping so you know the sugar content of what you’re buying and eating.

9. Keep an Exercise Routine

Cap off your healthy eating habits with a regular exercise routine and you can definitely feel healthy and look healthy too. Exercising helps you improve your circulation, helps you detoxify as you sweat and it gives you a youthful glow right after. Try dancing to an upbeat tune for at least 10 minutes and check your face in the mirror to see what I mean.

Like running? Put your running shoes on and start running.

Put your running shoes and old bike to good use again. Or search online for exercise videos or try these exercises that you can do at home or in the office. As you go about exercising, ensure that you are exercising different parts of your body by switching up your exercise routines. To get a more fit look, incorporate weights into your exercise routine so you can bring out your youthful beauty even more with toned muscles.

10. Quit Smoking and Ditch Alcoholic Drinks

As part of eating healthy, you should also stop harmful habits such as smoking. Smoking pollutes the air you breath; has a harmful effect on your lungs and the 2nd-hand smoke that you leave floating around is even more harmful to non-smokers around you. A very tangible side-effect of smoking are stained teeth and dark lips which is a major disadvantage for you when you’re trying to retain your youthful looks.

Smoking is not only harmful to your lungs but to those around you as well.

Alcoholic beverages dehydrate your body pretty fast and can be dangerous to your kidneys and liver when taken habitually. Also, there’s nothing like a major headache the next morning to remind you of how foolish you were the night before and make you wish you were sober again real fast. Going for that hot cocoa might help ease that headache and ease the frown lines off your forehead.

11. Cleanse and Moisturize

Moisturizers can help keep our face feeling and looking youthful. Maintain a basic skin care routine that you do in the morning and make it a nightly ritual too before you go to sleep. Think of it as a way to wind down as you get ready for bed.

Cleanse and moisturize daily and indulge yourself in a weekly DIY pampering routine.

You only really need to be vigilant in cleansing and moisturizing and doing it morning and night. Any more than that in a day will leave you with raw skin that can lead to overly oily skin or dry, flaky skin.

Remember to be patient with the cleansing and moisturizing. Massage your face gently using your ring finger and do so in circular motions going upward to your scalp. As you do this, you can reflect on your day and practice your gratitude.

12. Get Your Sleep Right

A beauty sleep is exactly that. Don’t skimp on your sleep time. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep. Your body repairs itself from 10PM to 3AM in the morning so you should be floating in wonderland during these times.

Sleep right to wake up bright and revitalized.

Adequate sleep also means less puffy eyes in the morning; less dark circles under your eyes and you won’t feel too groggy to wake up even during bed weather. A good night’s sleep ensures that you get the energy you need to be productive all day.

These are just some of the ways you can keep your youthful look and a positive outlook in life. These habits will not only help make you look good but make you feel good too. But do practice these in moderation so you can live a well-balanced life.

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