The Power of A Smile

When we were children and feeling down or upset, our reaction was to pout or frown. We carry this behaviour into our adult selves. Even after the problem has been solved, adults still sometimes choose to remain pouting or keep on frowning.

We have heard the saying that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and we thought that we had no control over how beautiful or not beautiful we look to others. We have no control over our genes, we say. The quote is not referring to physical beauty of course, but the beauty within us and our capacity to see the beauty within others.

All of us wish to be beautiful in the eyes of others but if we do not feel beautiful about ourselves first, no one else will see that we are beautiful too. So take time to appreciate yourself. Look in the mirror and smile at yourself each morning and see how you are transformed for the better as each day passes.

Even if people do not see us as physically beautiful, the only way they can know that we have beauty inside us is by expressing that beauty and smiling is the quickest way to do so.

Next time you want to appreciate a friend or colleague at work, look at them and offer a genuine smile before expressing yourself with words. Let your smile serve as a prelude of good things to come.

Feeling upset? It’s ok to feel bad for some time but once you’ve gone thru the hurdles, appreciate yourself and smile, letting your friends know that you’re alright again and letting the Universe know that you look forward to better things to come.

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