The Importance of a Vision Board

We all have things we want to do in the future. We all have dreams of how we want our life to be.

Imagine if you will be able to look at a picture of your dream life on a daily basis? That’s what a dream board, sometimes called a vision board, is all about.  It serves as a visual guide to remind you of your dreams, goals and aspirations.  It helps you focus. It is is a tool to help you create the life you want.

Most of us capture these dreams on paper (or on our digital devices) by making a list of goals or a bucket list. The intent is to be able to accomplish the items on the list and check them or cross them out one by one. This list is your vision of your future.

For some people, this type of goal tracking alone is quite effective. But some people actually need to “see” the things that they are working towards. They want a vision of the future that they can picture not just in their minds but they also want to have an actual image to gaze at each day. Many successful people attest to the effectiveness of this method too.

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a tangible representation of your goals, desires and dreams in any and all aspects of your life. This can be any type of board where you stick images of things or words that represent the things that you want to be, have or do in your life. They are an effective and invaluable tool to keep you inspired and motivated to pursue your goals until they have been realized in your life.

Why do Vision Boards Work?

If a bucket list of goals is effective, wouldn’t it be more effective if you actually had a visual reminder of all your goals and dreams?

Man, alone has the power to transform his thoughts into physical reality; man alone can dream and make his dreams come true. – Napoleon Hill

We all know the saying “A picture paints a thousand words.” Vision boards do just that, put into images all the things that you desire for your own life. Instead of a list, you have a visual reminder of all your goals and dreams.

For example if I ask you to think of a girl in a blue dress, your mind will automatically think of a girl in a blue dress and not think of the letters g-i-r-l_i-n_a_b-l-u-e_d-r-e-s-s.  That’s just how the mind works.  It works through visualisation.

Clarify Intentions

When you start creating a vision board, you start paying attention to and focusing on your goals and dreams. Each time you add something to your vision board, you do so with a specific intention. The images you choose to put on your vision board are meaningful only to you and serves as a template of the future life you intend to have. A vision board helps you to clarify your intentions.

Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand. – Bob Proctor

Strengthen Motivation

Usually when we choose a picture, it is because it draws upon us a certain feeling which we may appreciate or sympathise with or because we want to have a similar experience and feel the same way as the persons depicted in the picture. Or because we want to obtain the object or a similar one depicted in the picture. The feelings that well up inside us as we gaze at the images we carefully selected serve as fuel to inspire us and motivate us to strive harder to reach our goals.

Mahatma Gandhi is also famous for saying that your thoughts become your destiny.

Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.  – Mahatma Gandhi

From your jumbled thoughts, you sort out your intentions, choose your feelings, and each time you look at the images on your vision board, you strengthen your belief that you can achieve them and that they will be realised in your life.

So a vision board works because it compels you to pay attention to and focus on your goals, clarify your intentions and it inspires and motivates you to continuously work on building your dream life.

A vision board with words to represent the feelings the owner wants to feel and experience in their own life.

How to Make a Vision Board?

A vision board serves as your daily affirmation of how you want your life to become. It is quote simple to make but requires some preparation.

First, get clear about your intentions. Ask yourself what do you want to be, what do you want to have and what do you need to do to have that in your life? You can write this down first so you have a guide later on.

Then, get yourself a stack of colorful magazines and browse through them. Cut out the pictures that stand out to you and represent a particular goal in your list. You can also use your favorite pictures. If you had a wonderful vacation in the past that you want to experience again, you can use that picture. it will give you a stronger emotional experience each time you look at it. If you are more focused on how you want to feel, then a vision board using words that pleases you will work too.

Lastly, get creative. You can use any ordinary board and paste your pictures on it or you can use a cork board and pin your pictures instead.

Don’t forget to have fun. Just as success is not achieved overnight, don’t expect to finish your vision board in just one sitting. Your life is a journey and your vision board should reflect this journey. Initially, work with the intentions and desires that you immediately come up with and you may replace them or change them each day. Keep fine tuning them and adding to your dreams.

As your vision board evolves, your thoughts and habits do to and you will just be surprised one day to find that some of the items on your vision board have already been realised.

It is a pretty good feeling to find yourself the owner of a beautiful house that is exactly the house you put on your vision board when you started it. So start clarifying your goals today and start putting things on your vision board. Think it, see it, feel it and make it come true.

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