Most Read Articles for 2018

The New Year is all about changes.  It is about taking baby steps that can lead to big improvements in your health, wealth and happiness.

What better way to start the year right than by reading articles that will inspire you to become a better version of yourself this coming 2019.  Here is a peak at our Top Ten Most Viewed Articles for 2018:

1. Top Korean Dramas with Life Lessons

Are you a fan of Korean dramas? If you are, you know that an average Korean drama will take up at least 16 – 20 hours of your time. If you are going to spend that amount of time watching, might as well watch something that will give lessons that can be applied in real life. Check out the drama recommendations by two certified K-drama addicts.

2. A Letter to Myself

Do you consider yourself mature enough for your age? The fact is maturity has nothing to do with age. You will only grow and mature as a person if you are willing to take more responsibilities. This is a story about a teenager’s journey towards maturity and the lessons he learned in the process.

3.  10 Symptoms of a Poverty Mindset

Do you feel like you have been working so hard these past few years yet there was no improvement in the quality of your life? It is like something is holding you back from achieving your goals. Chances are, you are suffering from a poverty mindset. Your mindset is very important because it affects the direction of your life. Find out if you really have a poverty mindset by reading this article.

4. 10 Valuable Life Lessons from The Alchemist

Feeling lost in life? The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho might just be your answer. It is not just your typical fiction book, it also a book that contains answers to your search in finding your purpose in life.  The book contains powerful lessons about searching your dreams and fulfilling your destiny.

5. 5 Things I Learned While Traveling Without an Itinerary

Have you ever travelled without an itinerary? Being spontaneous might be too scary for some people but for others, it can be a great adventure. Imagine travelling with no specific place to go and totally relying on strangers to guide you. Find out how one such experience turned out to be one travel filled with not just fun memories but also lessons on humanity.

6. Why Wellness is Important to Success

Do you consider people who achieved their goals but ended up getting sick by working too much successful? Just because you have a perfect body and a regular exercise routine do not necessarily mean that you are well. The fact is, wellness goes hand in hand with success. True success can only be achieve by being well, not just in the physical sense but also in the mental and spiritual aspects as well.

7. Morning Habits of Highly Successful People

Everything that you repeatedly do from the morning you wake up until you go to sleep are habits. Habits are powerful because they can dictate how you are going to be successful in life. Thus, if you want to change your life, you need to change your habits. Find out what morning habits you need to develop to be a highly successful person.

8. 12 Signs You Are Financially Stable

All of us dreams of a life of not having to worry about money. We earn, make financial goals, save, budget and pay off debts just so we can be financially stable. However, how will you know if you have already reached it? What are the indicators that you should look out for to know if you have already achieved financial stability?

9. How I Found My Passion

Do you remember when you were still a child? What did you want to be when you grow up? Is that what you are doing right now as a grown up? Unfortunately, many people are stuck doing things they don’t like while others still don’t have any idea on what they want to do in life. If you are one of these people, find inspiration on a person’s journey on how he found his passion.

10. 10 Tips to Travel to New York on a Budget

New York is one of the most expensive cities in the world. The good news is that there are ways to enjoy your travel to the big apple without breaking the bank.








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