Christmas Gift Ideas for Less

Just a short time before Christmas day is upon us and if you’re still not done with your gift list, you might be stressing out. But all is not lost yet. There are still some gifts that you can make for your loved ones and friends without having to splurge. Some of them you can make at home too.

Christmas gifts need not be expensive. After all, it’s the thought that counts the most.

Your gift doesn’t have to be expensive for it to be appreciated. Personalized gifts are always appreciated and it gives the gift a sentimental value that commercial items cannot convey no matter how pricey. Here are some gift ideas for less that you can create at home for your loved ones.

DIY gifts take time and effort and because of this, they truly communicate your appreciation for the person you are giving them too. So go ahead and give these DIY gift ideas a try.

Recipe Jars

This is a nice gift for friends and loved ones who love their pancake, waffle or brownies. Just pick a recipe, measure all the dry ingredients and place them in layers into the glass jar. Try to alternate the ingredients in such a way that the colors make an interesting pattern.

Print out the recipe on sticker paper and paste unto the side of the jar or print on cardboard paper and tie to the neck of the jar as a gift tag. You can also use this for chocolate drink mixes or coffee blends.

DIY Kits

Got a family member who loves drawing and coloring? Gather different coloring materials, a sketchpad, pencils, erasers, a ruler and sharpener. Put everything in a handy file folder that they can conveniently carry with them.

For a friend who loves making her own jewelry, gift them with more beads and trinkets for their jewelry-making collection. Maybe you can purchase for them the special beads or a special tool that they’ve been wanting to buy but just can’t get their hands on.

Personal Coupons

If you’re broke but really want to make the effort of a gift, then gift your family members and friends with your time and effort instead.

Design your own personal coupon stating a service that you will offer for a certain duration of time. For example, you can give your mom several coupons for a neck and shoulder massage for 20 minutes. You can give your dad coupons for washing the car and so on.

For friends, you can give coupons for accompanying them to shopping errands. They can then claim these coupons any time of the year. Of course, make sure that you state in the terms and conditions that they have to schedule these events with you first.

Use Your Talents

If you’re good at crocheting or knitting, make a scarf or a beanie or a pair of mittens for a good friend or loved one. If you’re good at sketching, drawing or painting, then gift one of your creations to a valued friend.

Got a talent for writing poems? Create one for a special friend and print or write by hand on special paper. It would be great to present this gift by reading it to them aloud.

If your handy with a camera, then take candid photos of your friend, select the best ones and display in a special picture frame. You can also put these in a scrapbook and label each photo to tell a story about your friendship or just to showcase your friend’s endearing character or unique personality.

You get the idea, so go ahead and start planning for your next creative gift.

Use Available Resources

If you’re not too confident about your talents yet, then the next best thing that you can do is to use your resources to create a personalized gift.

Get on your computer and go online. For a friend who loves their tunes, download them a collection of their favorite songs and transfer to a USB so they can transfer it to their laptops and mobile phones.

For a friend or relative who is too busy to take care of putting together a business card, get your design skills to work and gift them with a simple calling card that they can conveniently hand over to their clients instead of writing their contact details on a piece of paper.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

You know the saying that one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure? If you’ve got stuff just lying around and gathering dust, think of who these might be of more use to and give that item to that person as a gift. Not only will you reduce your clutter, you get to reuse stuff and recycle them for a purpose.

You might have a friend who’s been pining to have a jacket or bag just like what you have. If you’re planning to buy a new one anyway, why not give your jacket or bag to this friend? You might have a friend who loves your sense of style. If you’ve got a top that you already have several iterations of, then why not give away the one you don’t use most often to your friend?

Got an old lamp that you’ve never even used? Check if the bulb still works and replace if necessary. Then give to a friend who has just moved into a new house or who has been wanting to make-over their bedroom.

These are just examples of what you can do with your skills and talents and some creative thinking to make a personalize gift that your loved ones and close friends can appreciate. So before rushing to the malls again, why not sit down and do some jotting down of what gifts you can create or find in your own home that would suit the tastes and personalities of certain friends and loved ones.

As a last note, some of your friends and relatives might be giving you these kinds of gifts too. Remember to be grateful and appreciative of all their efforts; after all, it’s the thought that counts.

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