Be a Responsible Traveller

We are all experiencing the effects of climate change and travellers can make a huge impact lessen the damage and to not contribute to it further by being responsible travellers.

Be a responsible traveller by making sure that you respect the places you go to. Not only should you respect the locals; you should also make sure that when you leave, you bring back with you what you took along when you visited, or at least properly dispose of it.

This means that you don’t leave the beach with your litter or throw anything into the ocean waters. It also means not picking up a sea turtle or two to take home or fishing out a starfish and leaving it on the sand to die.

Do not leave anything behind that would mar the beauty of the place or harm the environment.

If you need to take a souvenir, take as many photos as you want or visit the souvenir shops so you can also help the local community to profit from their handy crafts. Or if you’re on a tight budget, then pick washed-up corals or sea shells from the beach and take that home as a token of your travel experience.

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