Thank U, Next

Last November 5, 2018, Ariana Grande’s single, “Thank U, Next” broke Spotify’s Single Day Streaming record for a female artist after it earned 8.2 million streams that day. The next day, it broke its own record. The single has become the most streamed song for five consecutive days in a row with almost 50 million streams on the first week of its release. Currently, it holds the record of being the fastest song ever to surpass the 100 million streams in Spotify.

One probable reason why the song became an instant hit was that Ariana Grande revealed her vulnerability in the song. Although writing songs about past relationships is not new in the music industry, it is the first time that somebody publicly names and addresses her ex-boyfriends.

In the song, Ariana said that each time a relationship ends, she felt pain but at the same time she is grateful because of the lessons that she learned from each one. She knows that all those past experiences will help her somehow with her future relationships. She is now a better person and a stronger one at that because of what she had to go through.

I’ve loved and I lost but that’s not what I see; So look what I got, look what you taught me – Ariana Grande

Now, she spends her time with her friends. She also mentioned her family. But more importantly, she talked about self-love when she mentioned how she entered a relationship with herself.

The song is more than simply controversial and entertaining. It also contains valuable lessons. We all should learn from Ariana’s attitude. Yes, it is a break-up song, but that kind of attitude can also be applied in all aspects of life.

Bad things do happen in life. Things don’t always come our way whether it is our career, business, health, family, love or relationships. It can be very painful especially if we did our very best to make it work. Some people gets stuck and allow the hurt from past experiences to continue to hurt them. However, not moving on can only succeed in jeopardizing future happiness.

Allow yourself to feel the pain and express it. However, don’t dwell on it. Forgive those that wronged you and forgive yourself too. Be grateful for the experience. They are probably blessings in disguise. More importantly, learn the lesson and then be open and ready for your next adventure.

So remember, the next time something bad happens to you, say…

Thank you, next. – Ariana Grande

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