10 Tips to Create Your Own Style

We often look at glossy magazines and marvel at the fashionable clothes that models wear even if we can’t afford them. There are always cheaper options to find so we don’t really mind. We also know in our hearts that what we see on the runway isn’t necessarily our style. We admire them but they are not practical for our every day activities. So unless, we’re paid to wear them, we may never even dream of buying them. But we still look fondly at these magazine pictures and videos of models walking on the runway because we are not really confident enough to call ourselves stylish or fashionable.

The runway can inspire us but we don’t need to be its fashion victims.

You may not look like a model but you can be fashionable and stylish in your own way. After all, your personality is your own so your style is also your own.

It’s a new era in fashion – there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearning high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together. — Alexander McQueen

Here are some tips to help you ready your closet to express your own style.

1. Check Your “Impression”

The first thing to do is to establish your current style. To do this, you need to ask the help of your friends. Ask them to tell you what they think your style is. Go the extra mile and ask strangers – or let your friends ask for you – what impression they have of you. Don’t try to accomplish this in a day. Try it for a week and see if the impression people have of you varies according to what you wear or is consistent. Are your friends’ impression of you similar or different from that of strangers?

2. Define Your Style

Use the feedback you get to define your style. If you like the impression that you’re giving, then enhance it. If you don’t like the results, then now is your chance to change it. Ask yourself how you really want to be “seen”; what impression do you want people to have of you?

If you don’t have an idea, take a cue from your favorite celebrities or personalities. What impression do they give off. Does their style suit your personality? Who among these personalities suit your personal style preferences the most? List down your favorites and your style commonalities. This will serve as a foundation for your to build and enhance your own style.

3. Check for Basics

It’s now time to manage your closet. Before anything else, be sure to check if you have the basics. These serve as your go-to items if you are not in the mood to dress up in style. You can put them on and still look put together without much effort.

4. Refine Your Style

Since you already have an idea of what your personal style is, try to test it with this tip. Each time you use a piece of clothing, turn the hanger the opposite way as a marker that you have used it. You can also use a similar method for differentiating folded clothes. After some time (usually a month or even 6 months), if you haven’t used a piece of clothing, then you can decide to sell it, give it away or toss it out.

Before deciding to buy anything new, make sure you have the basics.

5. Review Your Closet

Now it’s time to review your closet. Based on your preferred style and what’s left on your closet, which pieces do you need? Which pieces do you have too much of? Which pieces do you not have any of?

This process may take you more than a day so don’t rush yourself. Remember that you didn’t build your wardrobe overnight so it should also take some time for you to pare things down. Try to categorize things so you have an easier time auditing them.

6. Create a Vision Board

We already showed you how to create a vision board for your life goals. A vision board is also useful for creating your personal style. You can create one online or the old-fashion way – by cutting out magazine images and making a collage or a scrapbook of your personal style.

This vision board should help you stay committed to your fashion goals so make sure you put it up where you can always see it when you dress up for the day.

7. List Your Options

After paring down your closet and testing out the items that you often wear; use your vision board to guide you in creating a list of items that you need to acquire to complete your wardrobe.

The best way to do this is to categorize your clothing items and list down your haves and have nots. This will help you create your shopping list. Indicate on your list which items are your top priorities and which can be bought at a later time.

Shop for classics so you don’t become a fashion victim.

8. Set Your Budget

Now that you’ve got your list, it’s time to set your budget. You should already have a budget for clothes in your monthly budget. If not, read up on how to track your expenses and how to identify money leaks so you can determine how to save for your clothing budget.

9. Shop the Classics

Once you have secured your budget, go to the department store and shop for classics. Classics are items that can go well with the rest of your wardrobe, including your basics. For example, if you love 3-4 colors, then stick with that color palette in mind when your shopping.

Also, DON’T BE A FASHION VICTIM. Look for pieces that are not too trendy so they don’t go out of style that fast. Instead for reaching out for the trendy, fringe skirt, or ruffled hemmed dress, go for the pieces that are more plain in design but still flatter your shape.

This way, you will only need to shop for fewer items which you can mix and match with the rest of your clothes. Just think that 20 tops that can go with 10 pants,  5 shorts and 2 skirts can give you 340 outfits so you don’t really need that many items to wear the whole year.

10. Take Things Slow

All these steps may sound like a drag or too hectic to do so take each step slowly; go at your own pace. There are other things that you need to pay attention to aside from your wardrobe, anyway. Fashion is just a way for you to express your personal style and there are other ways you can express your personality aside from fashion.

Creating your own personal style should be a pleasurable experience. Think of yourself as a masterpiece in the making. Just as an artist takes time to polish the details of his painting on the canvas; take as much time as you need to get comfortable with your fashion choices. Your clothes should fit your personality and not the other way around.

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