10 Reasons Why You Should Travel Now

Hesitating to make your travel plans? There are a million excuses why you can’t but here are 10 reasons why you should.

1. To Feed Your Wanderlust

Don’t you just have that itch to be somewhere, with someone or alone, sometime? Don’t you have a map or travel guide stuck somewhere in your drawer for that time when you can finally feed your wanderlust? Well, you don’t need for the perfect time because you can plan to wander, now! Find that list, map or travel plan, or make a new one and start deciding which place to go to first. Then go online to look for the best flights to get there and check out some tips on how to save on your hotel. Don’t think of the reasons not to; just start planning.

2. To Start A New Adventure

You want to go out to an exciting adventure? Plan one for yourself. What do you want to do? Where can you go to experience that? White water rafting? Diving? Canyon rappelling? Mountain climbing? Taking photographs of beautiful scenery? Check your local spots for places to go for these adventures. Choose your adventure and start contacting those numbers. You may also be more adventurous than usual and travel without an itinerary. That is a truly, different adventure.

3. To Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

No doubt travelling can test our limits, sometimes even the limits of our sanity. How to organize everything? How to fit everything into one backpack? But first, what stuff to bring. In the same way travelling also helps us develop new skills to cope with situations that put us out of our comfort zone. Never been on a small boat before? Not sure about flying? Never had to work on processing travel documents? Jump right into that travel plan and you will learn to cope. Don’t forget some smart ways to carry your money during your trip.

Take out that map and choose a destination.

4. To Learn Something New About Yourself

Shy? You will need to talk to people, a lot, especially if you’re travelling solo. Messy? You will have to teach yourself some discipline in order to get your travel stuff and documents organized. You will also learn to be patient as you wait inline for your turn at the airport and even learn to memorize road signs and landmarks in an unfamiliar place in order to get back safely to your hotel. Or you can learn to enjoy getting lost and finding your way back anyway. Most of all, you will learn that you can do the things you never thought you could and you can be the kind of person you never thought you could be.

5. To Help Hone Your Creativity

When you travel, your imagination is stimulated. From the planning stage to the actual experience, you use all your senses in different ways, in ways you’ve never used them before. You need to apply them to different situations to so you can better appreciate your new surroundings. Besides, once you start planning, doesn’t your imagination already soar in anticipation of the adventures you will enjoy? If you’re lacking inspiration or motivation, go away for the weekend and you’ll find yourself much more inspired and revitalized to do creative work.

6. To Leave Everything Behind

One big reason we travel is to escape from the drudgery of our daily routine. If you want to wake up to something different, eat something different, do something different, be with different people, feel different, and be a different you for some time, travel. You never know what you could become unless you go where you’ve never gone before.

If you want to travel abroad, you can check out our articles on Paris, Italy and New York.

What new adventure do you want to indulge in?

7. To Be By Yourself

Sometimes we travel to commune with nature and get in tune with our inner selves. If you want some inner soul-searching, then find a destination where you can enjoy nature. Find somewhere where the sound of birds chirping wakes you up in the morning; where you can trek through a forest or garden and enjoy the view without being interrupted and take pictures as you please. Find a place where you can spend all day just listening to the sound of the ocean waves or enjoy a bonfire under the stars. Already got prospects in mind? Start planning for the perfect place to relax your soul. Check out places that offer retreats. Some even offer massages, yoga and meditation classes as part of their services.

8. To Experience New People, Places and Things

Traveling inevitably brings us into contact with strangers from another place. Unless you’re really allergic to people, then you will eventually have to make the effort to get to know them. Whether temporarily during the trip or on your destination, the people you will meet along the way add more to your experience in life. They may provide you a new perspective on how to approach some personal issues that’s been nagging you for awhile; they may even challenge your belief system and at the same time, teach you how to get the utmost joy from your travel adventure. Strangers always leave us with something to look back to and sometimes, with things to ponder on. Mostly, they can leave us with great stories to tell our family, friends and colleagues back home.

9. To Reinvent Yourself

When you travel somewhere, you are never the same person when you get back. Travelling changes you in ways you can never imagine. There are many travel stories where the lost soul wandered to a new place and found their life’s passion or their one great love or their inspiring idea for a great invention. You do not need to experience hardships in your travel in order to get inspiration or motivation or great ideas. These things come naturally to you when you appreciate everything that’s happening as you travel. You may even find yourself feeling more alive and more inspired to make the changes you’ve always put off for fear of failing.

Start planning what to pack for your destination.

10. To Reward Yourself

You work hard to earn yourself a vacation. Giving yourself a break from your work to enjoy the fruits of your labor serves as a pat on your back and a celebration of your efforts. So don’t hesitate to go leave work once in a while to enjoy yourself. If anybody deserves to be rewarded for struggling and thriving thru a not-so-easy life, it’s you. 

Still hesitating? Here are more reasons why you should invest in experiences.

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