To Become Wealthy, Be Grateful

When we see pictures of wealthy people on glossy magazines, on TV and when we meet them in real life; we also wish in our hearts that we could be as wealthy as them. We want to ride the same car, buy the same clothes and be able to travel or buy things when we want to. However, we can wish all we want but if we don’t work towards becoming wealthy, we won’t ever get there.

Wishing without a plan is just day dreaming. We need to take action to make our dreams and wishes real. Do not only observe what the rich have, also look at what they do. Rich people associate with other rich people too. But how did they attract these other rich people? Their own wealth attracted other wealthy people to them. You can start attracting wealth into your life too!

One of the things that truly rich people have is an attitude of gratitude. That’s why they always celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, product launches and other milestones in their lives, or business.

This is one practice that you can start too. Develop the habit of being grateful for the things you already have and you will attract more of what you want. Be grateful for a good night sleep, a comfortable bed, a good job, great colleagues, the compliment you received from a stranger, and so on.

Don’t be shy to reply back with a “Thank you!” to any compliments. Instead of making little of your effort and saying it was nothing, say “You’re welcome!” when you are praised for work you have done. You won’t only feel good, you will feel lighter and maybe even be in a good mood the whole day. This is the kind of feeling that attracts more positive things into your life.

Practice this habit until it becomes natural to say “Thank you!” and you will notice that life will bring you more opportunities and bigger reasons that will make you say “Thank you!”.




One thought on “To Become Wealthy, Be Grateful

  1. […] Make a daily habit of thanking the creator or the universe for the blessings you enjoy each day. Start with the basic comforts that you have. These are things that we mostly take for granted but other people lack some of these things in their lives. Gratitude can be life-changing too. Just like meditation, it can help you work through your issues of “lack” in different areas of your life, just like this inspiring story. You can incorporate this gratitude practice in your daily meditation too. You can also keep a gratitude journal and each morning or night, list down at least 3 things that you are grateful for. […]


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