5 Habits to Adapt for Better Beauty

In our pursuit of “getting things done” in our daily lives, we have established a certain routine that enables us to accomplish all our tasks for the day. In the middle of all the things we need to do to earn our living and to get along with other people, we often forget to take care of our personal needs. Then, one day we look in the mirror and we are surprised at the person looking back at us.

Our daily routine mostly consists of waking up, getting to the office, scheduling and working on our office tasks so we can finish them before we clock out from work, going for dinner with friends or going home, watching some TV or browsing through our social media accounts on our phones and finally, going to sleep. With all that’s going on, how can we even think of an “alone time” or “me time” during our waking hours?

Here are 5 habits you can integrate into your daily routine to usher you on your way to better beauty and even better health. Try to adapt one habit at a time each week so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Once you’ve integrated all these habits into your daily routine, you will feel better and your face and body will show it too.

1. Start your morning fresh.

When you wake up in the morning, take the time to enjoy your “alone time” by freshening up to greet the rest of the day. Invest in a facial cleanser and moisturiser that you can use daily. Make time to clean your face and moisturise so you don’t start the day looking and feeling tired even if you didn’t get much sleep the night before.

Pressed for time? Even if it’s a routine as simple as splashing water on your face to wake up and look fresh, it’s better than facing the day with an oily or sweaty face.

2. Treat yourself to a mini-pampering session.

All of us have low-energy times during the day when we are least productive at work or when tiredness hits us and we just want to sit or lay down and do nothing. That’s what 15-minute breaks at work are for. Use this time to really give yourself a period of rest.

Try to take a power nap if you have a nap room in your office or in your chair if it allows you to be in a comfortable position to do so. Or use your desk space. Just be sure to bring a small pillow to support your back or neck for taking a nap in a sitting position. Use an alarm to make sure you wake up after your break time and not oversleep or ask an officemate to wake you up.

Can’t take a nap, then at least rest your eyes. Just sit in your chair, put your feet up if possible, lean back and close your eyes for the duration of your break time. Ask your office mates not to disturb you while you’re resting your eyes.

Integrate these habits throughout your working day so you can get a rest in between intense work. It will revitalize you so you can be more productive and you will reduce eye fatigue.

If you have other mini-pampering routines that takes you 15 minutes or less to do, then try them out as well.

3. Slow down at night.

The night time is a natural signal for the body to slow down and rest. So take the time to prep your face and body for sleeping. Clean your face and moisturise and do the same for your body.

While you are hurrying out the door in the morning, do the opposite at night. Take the time to massage your face as you clean and moisturize. Take the time to massage your body too and imagine washing away the day’s stress as you scrub away.

If you like scents, then spray your room or use a diffuser with your favorite calming scent such as lavender. This gives your space the ambiance of a spa and can really help you slow down and really feel that your beauty routine is a treat.

4. Keep things simple.

One of the best ways to be able to stick to a routine is to keep it simple. “Cleanse and moisturise” is the basic routine for maintaining clean and healthy skin. Similarly, stick to products with simple ingredients so you detoxify your skin as you apply your products.

Check the labels and opt for products with as few ingredients as possible. Stay away from products that have a long list of ingredients especially the ones with ingredients you can’t even pronounce. Remember that not all products labeled “natural” or “organic” are actually natural or organic so make it a habit to read the label.

Now, not all products with few ingredients maybe effective for you or to your liking. So take the time to try out the products so you can find the one that suits you and your skin type the most. Taking the time to find out what’s good for you is one way to show your skin and body some love.

5. Prioritise sleep.

When you’re young, you have the energy to not sleep for a couple of days and still show up bright and alert the next morning. However, sleepless nights take a toll on your skin and body in the long run and will show up in your face too.

So be sure to prioritise taking care of your health and get enough sleep. Going for a late night out once or twice a week maybe acceptable but more than that will definitely affect your immune system and your productivity at work.

If you’re a party animal, rein in some of that energy and focus it on pampering yourself at night so you can enjoy a good sleep. Then maybe go out once a week to let the party animal in you have some fun.

The key here is moderation. Listen to your body. If the party animal in you is eager to enjoy another night out but your body wants some sleep, then take a rain check on that invitation and fulfill your sleep requirements instead. Your body will thank you for it.

Care for yourself and you will be smiling more each time you look in the mirror.

Adapt these 5 beauty habits and in time, you’ll find yourself smiling each time you look at yourself in the mirror. You may even receive compliments about your skin and having a pretty glow to your face. But remember to keep everything in moderation, even the number of times you look at yourself in the mirror.

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