Unleash the Genius in You

It is human nature to be jealous of others.  However, before you even begin comparing yourself with others, think again.  We all have different talents and gifts.  Each of us is destined to be great.  You may not be good in math but you can be an excellent artist.  You may be poor in communication skills but you may be a good athlete.  Just because you got bad grades in school, it does not mean that you will fail in life.  You are more than your report card. You are talented.  All you need to do is to find the genius within you.

Unfortunately, instead of finding our own path, majority of us opt to follow the dictates of society.  We let our parents choose our path.  We follow what’s popular.  Instead of creating our own definition of success, we chose to adhere to how society defines success. As a result, we lose ourselves in the process.

Work at what you are good at.  Follow your passion. Don’t give up.  Unleash the genius in you!

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