Why You Should Care About Inflation?

You often hear about inflation on TV or read about it in newspapers. However, chances are you don’t really understand what it is all about. Even if you did study economics in college, you would have already forgotten about it. Who cares! You are just too happy to finally have gotten over the course.  After all, economics has been constantly voted as one of the most boring subjects ever created.

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5 Things to Do for Physical Wellness

Maintaining your physical wellness is an important part of your overall well being. Feeling good in your body allows you to continue doing what you need and want to do in order to pursue your goals. A healthy body also allows you to enjoy your time with family and friends more, work more efficiently and be more productive in all areas of your life.

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Why you Need a Mentor

Life is exciting. We all want to create and accomplish something that we can call our own – something that we can be proud of. However, the reality is it is not always easy. Life is hard. There will be many obstacles along the way. True, we can just try to navigate it on our own and learn from the process. That is one way of doing it. But, what if there is a shortcut?

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Why We Should Stop Saying “I’m Sorry for Your Loss” and What to Say Instead

Grief is always a complicated process and its effects are different for each individual. Consoling someone in grief is also a delicate situation and saying “I’m sorry for your loss” doesn’t really help that much to alleviate the person’s pain.

There are reasons for not saying this phrase to a grieving person and some suggestions on what to say instead.

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What to Bring When You are Invited to Someone’s Home

Whether you are invited for a meal or to stay for a couple of days at someone else’s place, it is proper etiquette to bring something to your host . The gift need not be expensive. What is important is the gesture. It just serves as a token to show your gratitude for the invitation.

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Airport Guide for First Time Flyers

It is normal to be scared when it is your first time flying. For some, it is because of their fear of heights. However, for most people it is simply because of the fear of the unknown. Many of us do get nervous each time we see ourselves in a new environment or an unfamiliar situation. We feel helpless not knowing what to expect next. The best approach to minimize your fear is to know what to expect.

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How to Read your Credit Card Statement Part 3

There is a price for borrowing money. Aside from the annual membership fee, one of the most important things that you should consider is the interest. This is how the credit card issuer earns money. Understanding the different credits and debits that go in and out of your credit card statement is one of the skills that you need to be able to use your card wisely. Don’t just swipe, understand how your credit card works.

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Are You Physically Well?

Many of us often forget about physical health as we prioritise other tasks. Most of us don’t even remember to practice some form of self-love throughout the day or even during the weekends. Our physical health is an important factor in our overall wellness and we should always be taking care of bodies. Here are some things you need to ask yourself to see if you are physically well.

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Life Plan A and B: Did you Make the Right Choice?

During the long weekend, I was looking for something to watch on Netflix when I stumbled upon a title that piqued my interest. It was a Taiwanese drama entitled Life Plan A and B. It was only 6 episodes long so I gave it a try.

life plan a and b
Image Credit: whatsnewonnetflix

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How to Apologize Properly

When a word or phrase is said and heard over and over again, it’s meaning gradually fades away. A prime example is the phrase “I am sorry” or “I’m sorry”. Whenever we do something that we think might offend or inconvenience another person, we quickly blurt out these words. But when the situation is not so simple and feelings and even persons are physically hurt, saying the same phrase is often ineffective.

There is a better and proper way to apologize so that the sincerity of your words are conveyed and we should practice these steps more often.

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How to Read your Credit Card Statement Part 2

Credit card issuers put credit limits on your credit card for a good reason. The limits are there to benefit both you and the credit card issuer. The amount is set in such a way that it is easy for both parties to manage the credit. Your limits are normally based on your capacity to pay. Being consciously aware of these limits will help you be able to utilize your credit card well.

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5 Health Benefits of Grounding

If you are busy at work all day, you probably are not “grounded” and this can cause and contribute to the development of many health issues. To start benefiting from grounding, learn how to practice grounding or earthing and make it a daily part of your life.

As you continue to practice grounding, you will not only feel “centered” and have a more focused mind; you will also experience many healthy benefits including, but not limited, to these five.

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